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Creek Running North

February 24, 2006

This blog has moved!

After the third unsuccessful attempt to get the new Expression Engine version of Creek Running North going in this location, I remembered that the only reason CRN was in this location, with its weird directory structure, was because the main and easier-to-remember directory was inhabited by a web magazine that no longer exists. And for some reason it was much easier to install the EE site there.

So the Creek has jumped its bank, and you can find it at I've closed comments here. The new site design, as I mentioned, is run off a default EE template, which I will be changing back to something closer to (but better than) this site's look. I haven't quite got everything unpacked, and there are still a few lorem ipsums in various places where the previous tenant left them, but it's basically ready for friends and family. Next up: figuring out how to get a blogrolll set up.

A couple features of the new site: you can register as a member, which not only gets you past whatever spam protection I put in place but potentially allows you to have a picture of, I dunno, spongebob or someone with every comment you make. You can opt into, or out of, getting an email when someone makes a comment after one of yours. There might be valuable prizes for registered members: haven't decided yet. I'm still waiting for those ponies to arrive from a couple posts ago.

So again, that's, and if you get an old front page explaining that Faultline has gone away, just reload the page until the new one pops up. Empty your cache if that doesn't work. Most of you won't have that problem. See you over there.

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