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October 15, 2003

Of note

The estimable Rebecca Solnit has a wonderful piece in the current London Review of Books. An excerpt:

The two coasts of the United States often strike me as rather like a pair of parentheses enclosing the inchoate outback, a part of the country coloured red for Republican on the voting map for the last Presidential election, when the coasts were Democratic blue.

The red lands are a steppe, a Siberia, far removed from the cosmopolitanism of the coasts. When I come out here, it seems hard to believe in cities, let alone in nations, in anything but the sublimity of this emptiness. The Great Basin is wide open topographically but introspective in spirit, turned in on itself, and news from outside seems like mythology, rumour, entertainment, anything but part of what goes on here, or doesn't, out here where the sparse population is interspersed between sites for the rehearsing of America's wars.

I have nothing to add: I just like saying "inchoate outback."

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Chris--this is a great piece by Rebecca. She's so perceptive. Thanks for telling us about it.

Posted by: Pica at October 17, 2003 04:34 PM
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