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October 26, 2003

A week away

Off tomorrow, back in town Saturday. I'll be doing some writing in the Mojave and will post some of it here, fudging the dates through the magic of Movable Type's Power Editing function so that it appears, in retrospect, as if I posted each piece on the day it was written.

What a week to choose to go to the Mojave! We have what would be called Santa Ana winds if they were down south: from the east, dry and warm. What's saving the Bay Area so far from the conflagration they're having down in San Bernardino is the fact that the wind up here is but a mere breeze. We went to San Francisco Bay this afternoon: the surface of the water was like glass all the way to San Francisco.

But I'll be - as they say - at altitude for much of my trip, up where the Joshua trees grow at around 5000 feet or higher, and might thus escape some of the heat. If I live, I'll be back posting by a week from today.

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