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December 11, 2003


Thanks to everyone who sent their best wishes to Zeke. We have some good news: it's most likely a TMJ-related infection, and antibiotics should take care of it in a couple weeks.

Of course, since the universe is inherently perverse and Big Pharma has not yet invented chicken-flavored antibiotics, this requires that we prise open Zeke's painful jaws and cram our hands far enough back into his throat that he can't spit out the pills we put on the back of his tongue. This usually takes about six attempts per pill, at four pills per day.

The plus side of this down side is that I'm reassured about the general level of my dog's health. He's strong. It takes both of us to restrain him.

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After trying every ruse known to humans to get Riley, the world's friendliest Golden Retriever to take pills, I've settled on a blob of butter with the pill completely hidden. Given a smell of the butter Riley opens his mouth and placed on the back of his tongue the butter bomb slips down his gullet before he can do much about it.

Good luck with Zeke.

Posted by: Dan at December 13, 2003 02:13 PM
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