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Creek Running North

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January 09, 2004

Shiki Masaoka, 1867-1902

The tepid rain falls
On the bare thorn.

Thawed out pond.
A shrimp moves
Among old algae.

The cannon rolls its rumble.
Leaf buds of a tree.

How cool it is!
A small crab, in the rain,
Climbs on a pine.

Lotus leaves in the pond
Ride on water.
Rain in June.

Smoke whirls
After the passage of a train.
Young foliage.

The storm
During half-day
Has broken the stem of mallow.

We cannot see even the moon.
And rise big waves.

Above a hollow of rock
An ivy hangs.
One small temple.

The luffa flowered.
I am a soul
Choked with phlegm.

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