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Creek Running North

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January 25, 2004


Ron gave me a pink flowering currant when we moved into our house two years ago: its leaves are bursting out of bud this week.

It is warm in the Bay Area, almost spring.

Yesterday Becky and I hopped on our bikes and rode.

The sky shifts from fog to blue to rain, and then to blue again.

Not far from here is a pond blanketed with red duckweed, and a dead tree stands by it.

We sat astride our bikes yeterday, watched seven fat turkey vultures sun themselves in the dead tree by the red pond.

Liam remembers us now, though we haven't seen him since December: he smiled broadly when he saw us today.

Two years old in May, and his hand still feels small when it wraps around my finger.

We went up the stairs, then down, then up again, and then down again and up.

The hills were green on our way back home.

Red tails stationed themselves on fenceposts.

The creek cut itself deeper into the earth this month, what with the flood and all.

I walked it tonight as the sun set, sat at the mouth and scanned the Sonoma shore through binoculars, watched the sanderlings play tag with the waves.

Female belted kingfishers bear a characteristic brown band across their breast.

The kingfisher that always sits on a wire above our creek is male.

If you stand beneath him aiming binoculars in his direction, he will scold you and move a few yards away.

Kingfishers live in cutbank burrows, which I did not know until I looked it up a few days ago.

It's nice to walk briskly up our hill at night, the cool air filling your lungs until they burn.

Zeke was happy to see me come home.

I've developed the bad habit of checking the Caller ID screen when the phone rings, and if I don't recognize the listing I hand the phone to Becky to answer it.

Liam's sister Sophie was born today, healthy at seven pounds and change, and her uncle still has a ringing in his ear from her screaming into the phone.

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Posted by: Ron at January 26, 2004 02:45 PM
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I'd be quite happy if you did this every day.

Posted by: beth at January 27, 2004 03:20 PM
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