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February 19, 2004

Plum blossoms

A close friend’s mother died recently after a long illness and a longer life. We went last weekend to help him move a few pieces of furniture from her room at the nursing home.

Mid-February is the best time of year for people from cold climes to visit the Bay Area. Every year, like clockwork, flowering plums burst buds, explode into bloom. One week the landscape is damp and gray, the next the streets are lined with bright pink or white blossoms in the trees.

We stopped at our friend’s house first. His neighbor’s plum tree had bloomed abundantly some days before, and then the rain came. The yard was blanketed with sodden petals, a hundred thousand delicate white shards carpeting lawn, driveway, floating atop puddles, stuck to the sides of clay pots. I walked hesitantly, reluctant to smudge the carpet. We left for the nursing home. An hour later, the wind picked up and it began to rain in earnest.

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Our plum tree hasn't quite come into bloom yet but the almond petals are strewn around like confetti. The white-crowned sparrows are gobbling them up. They must taste very sweet.

Posted by: Pica at February 20, 2004 07:21 AM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs

Oh, oh.

Posted by: beth at February 20, 2004 02:08 PM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs