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April 21, 2004


I'm sorry for not being here more often the last week. I've been battling some weird unspecified illness that, while somewhat flu-like, has no particular externally manifested symptoms, Just a general queasy malaise and low energy. I'm better today, just very tired.

We spent the last couple of weeks putting in most of a flagstone patio in the backyard. Digging a hole and then filling it up kind of work. Except the filling was done with three tons of gravel and sand, and an extra ton of flagstone on top. Now comes the blessed release of waiting for the rock yard to order the next several tons. Until that happens we can rest, and watch the rabbit and the dog scratch in the exposed bay sand between the flags.

About seven hundred pounds of pea gravel still sit in the driveway, truth be told. I moved a couple hundred pounds of it yesterday, which was not a smart move. Nothing makes you feel pithed more than heavy labor when ill.

Note to spring-hungry New Englanders: we ate our second round of artichokes from the garden last night. The ones I grew in Richmond were plagued with aphids and Argentine ants, but these were immaculate, with some of the best hearts I've ever tasted.

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Sorry to hear you've been "under the weather"..............I have been on sick leave from work since the middle of March, having had surgery..........While at home I've been having work done in the house and outside- I don't have to do any lifting - just write the checks!!........My lawn man recently enlarged my little butterfly garden ............I had my first successful emerging of a newborn Monarch butterfly last September.........Last week I planted more milkweed so that I will "raise" more monarchs this has become a passion with me & ties in with my photography...........I am currently keeping an eye on an overwintering black swallowtail chrysalis as it shoulld start to grow as the weather gets warmer..........I have a fantastic photo of a black swallowtail larva holding & eating a piece of fennel...........such joy watching the evolving procedure of telling you this as I do believe that you might appreciate this considering your line of work .........Hope you are feeling better...............

Posted by: Dottie at April 21, 2004 04:53 PM
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I hope you feel better soon. At least you have artichokes. :)

Posted by: Rana at April 22, 2004 10:34 AM
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