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August 28, 2004

Getting clean

Zeke's off at the beauty parlor today getting washed, fluffed and folded. And some comments over at Rana's reminded me that I was running out of soap.

So I popped on over to Juniper Ridge Western Wild Goods. Ron gave me a bar of their soap a couple years back, a nice gesture the motives behind which I didn't think to wonder about until just now. They - actually "he" - makes soap scented with West Coast native plants. Not the essential oils: the plants themselves. One comes out of the shower redolent of bay laurel, or juniper, or incense cedar.

This post sounds uncomfortably like an old-time radio announcer advertisement. So be it. I'm not getting any money from this. I like this business. How can you not like a business that writes ad copy like this? Or this?

Caveat balneator: the soaps make Becky break out a bit. Probably not for the hyperallergenic.

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The soaps and scents sound wonderful.

I was up in the hills near Petaluma today, and of course was struck by the pungent variety of plants and odors in the area, from the earthy muddiness nearer the salt ocean to that brushfire smell you get high up in the heat. This whole region is perfumed. I think it would be one of my dreams to get to the point at which I could identify an area by the smell alone: I know full well the differences between the air of the Rocky Mountains compared to the coastal smells here compared to the ancient pines of New England, but I haven't revisited any regious enough times to really /learn/ the scent.

Maybe those soaps would be a good primer.

Posted by: Siona at August 29, 2004 08:57 PM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs