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Creek Running North

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September 07, 2004


The kitten was abroad in the living room, and so was the rabbit. The rabbit was curious. It came nose to nose with the kitten. Something not dissimilar to a look of sudden recognition crossed Thistle's face, and he dove under the coffee table.

Rabbits in distress will thump the ground hard with their back feet, and that's what Thistle did. First time I've heard him do it. Rather loud.

The kitten wandered back into the living room several hours later, and that was enough. It was obvious to Thistle that the living room, and probably we as well, had betrayed him. Another half dozen thumps, and he ran for the office, wedged himself in a far corner under the recliner.

This from a rabbit who fearlessly chases a German Shepherd mix around the yard. The kitten is small and wobbly, not a little afraid of the rabbit, who could kick her across the street if he wanted to.

I coaxed Thistle out from under the chair, held him for a while, put him in his cage and petted him until he'd relaxed a little. Becky played violin to calm him. I walked down to the bay in the dark cool cricket night.

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