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September 11, 2004

Berkeley Summit Meeting report

And Coyote said "he has written a screed against people, and so it would be funny to have him run into people he likes very much, so that he will feel conflicted."
And it happened, but he was not conflicted, neither did irony poke at his bowels, and he said "ha, ha, Coyote, you missed me." And he was thus in deep trouble, for Coyote was sore vexed.

I just bailed out a bit early from a very pleasant get-together with Pica, Numenius, Siona, and Maria. I can report that each and every one of them is exactly as their readers might imagine, only less pixelated.

We shopped for books, bought take-out curry from a spot on Telegraph with loud Bhangra music playing, sat on the banks of Strawberry Creek and ate, and chatted much of the time. It's nice to meet people in real life and like them so much, so quickly. (Truth be told, I'd met Numenius and Pica before, but that was true then too.)

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I really enjoyed being part of this Berkeley Summit Meeting that put a voice into the 'voice of our words.' The curry was fuel enough for us to decamp to another bookstore, and I am sorry you couldn't join us on that jaunt -- or see us behave like those proverbial kids in a candy store when we found ourselves in the stationery store!

Posted by: maria at September 12, 2004 10:27 AM
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