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February 26, 2005

Kids, new toys, and the relationships thereof

This post was written from the teak bench in the backyard. This post was posted from the teak bench in the backyard. Guinea pig eating the lawn, windmill clacking in the wind, rabbit somewhere around here. Motorcycles rattling down San Pablo Avenue. There are no wires connecting me to the net: just that invisible radiation and stuff. It seems odd to me, though this is the most prosaic thing in the world to many of the people I hang out with. Alvin Toffler was wrong – no shock in this future – but he was also right. William Gibson once admitted that everything after ATMs felt like science fiction to him. Another hundred bucks, and I could type this from up in the tree while the laptop stayed at the bench. But that would just be silly.

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Isn't wireless just Tha Kewlest Thang Ev-Ah? I adored it when I was home with my parents; now I am bereft, unless I take myself out to someplace with a hub.

Posted by: Rana at February 26, 2005 01:04 PM
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This comment is being written from the car parked in our lane, with two little boys fast asleep in the back seats. I set up a wireless hack years ago, not thinking it would be so useful for Not Waking The Baby episodes like this.

Posted by: Ian at February 26, 2005 01:19 PM
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I've had all the necessary components to be doing stuff wirelessly for about 3 years now, but I'm still not.
I tried to use my Pocket PC with a wifi card to link with my desktop, couldnt get it to work, got frustrated and gave up all in about an hour. Haven't touched it since.

Now I have a laptop and could connect via wireless, but it occurs to me that I have nowhere to go that's further than an ethernet cable can reach.

After fighting with my old PC, building my new one and giving up on getting my ATI All-In-Wonder card to work, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I hate technology anymore. Used to love tinkering with it, but now I just see it as hours or even days of work to get set up to do some 15 minute task that I really don't need to do anyway.

Something is happening to me.

Posted by: Craig at February 26, 2005 02:22 PM
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I'm posting this comment from my laptop w/wireless connection at my friends' house, where I'm house-sitting. I could use their computers I suppose, but some people have peculiar setups that make them hard to use. I used to try to use my parents' computers when I visited but they have popups going off all the time and so many toolbars and crapola they've downloaded that the I.E. window is like looking through the mail slot on someone's house - plus they have the text set to LARGE. Now I just bring my laptop.

Anyway, the kewlest thing is just being able to read that you're in your yard out there, where it's no doubt reasonably warm, sitting next to the guinea pigs and I'm sitting here in this freezing old house in Mass. with a very fat yellow Lab lying at my feet... and Rana is where she is and Ian is (or was) parked in the lane... and none of us is connected by any visible wires that I can see, yet having something resembling a conversation.

Posted by: leslee at February 26, 2005 02:59 PM
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