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March 01, 2005

Thomas Franks, white courtesy phone.

Via Atrios:
TOPEKA, Kan. - Voters on Tuesday upheld an ordinance that prohibits discrimination against homosexuals in municipal hiring, turning back a repeal movement led by a minister known for picketing the funerals of AIDS (news - web sites) victims.
One of the minister's granddaughters, meanwhile, fell far short in her efforts to unseat an openly gay member of the City Council.

More here.

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It is nice to know there is some intelligence left in Kansas. Now if they could just beat back those anti-evolution science textbooks they may have a future as part of reality based civilization.

Posted by: Desert Donkey at March 2, 2005 01:04 PM
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i'm from there, and i don't have much hope. this is the place that once legislated pi to be 3.14.

Posted by: Jean Sirius at March 3, 2005 09:34 AM
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