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March 05, 2005

Perhaps the most stunning thing I have ever read online

Just go.

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decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs


That's amazing. I'm in tears. Thanks for linking to it.

Posted by: leslee at March 5, 2005 08:45 AM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs

Thanks for the link. As we grow older and sometimes, incrementally, wiser, we also have the potential to grow in awareness. One of the benefits of this personal growth is that we tend to see synchronicity instead of chance, meaning instead of coincidence. My suggestion, for whatever it's worth, is that we look at these events as a tree grown from seedlings of the grandfather's choice. When a man or woman chooses to be courageous, honorable, decent and wise, especially when that choice entails tremendous personal sacrifice, then that act gains a life, an energy, of its own. What we’re witnessing here is a continuation of that energy: the tree, grown tall and strong, has born fruit. And we’ve been blessed to touch these events, if only for a moment or two and from a great distance.

Posted by: tost at March 5, 2005 11:29 AM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs

Thank you for sharing that with us.

Posted by: Rana at March 5, 2005 01:17 PM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs

What a powerful reminder that personal choice means much, much more than we often think. Not to mention courage.

Posted by: beth at March 6, 2005 11:50 AM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs