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March 16, 2005

A couple of provocative quotes

Over at Stone Bridge, Huitzil asks a couple things that have my wheels spinning:

"Thus we now commonly have quivering-jowl Baptist pastors declaiming against these and other sinners to their audiences (who seems to be undergoing the same supersizing on an individual scale as Goliath megachurches in the South on a corporate scale - will diabetes scourge fundamentalist Christianity the way AIDS has ravaged Africa?)"

And then later:

"But why are fundamentalists in particular so susceptible to this stuff?... I don't claim to know the real answer, except that messianic movements thrive in times of generalized stress and unhappiness. So is the Rapture simply the psychological equivalent of the magic shirts of the Ghost Dance religion? Reality usually makes short work of messianic outbreaks, but not in a way that anyone can want."

By excerpting these questions, I've made them seem glib. They aren't. There's context there. Huitzil is a compelling writer. Go look.

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Interesting post you found there. Diabetes IS running rampant in the South, and has taken particular aim at my family. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to restrict itself to the Fundamentalist race. Not that I wish anyone ill, just that they can't fit into their church clothes.

I think the left is pretty susceptible to some Kool-Aid sellers too. (Or shouldn't that be "latte pushers"?) I think group think is the real culprit, and fundamentalists have a built-in group apparatus, with real pulpits, whereas us liberals had to go and invent the internets to peddle our doomsday scenarios.

Posted by: KathyF at March 17, 2005 05:19 AM
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