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Creek Running North

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April 08, 2005

it's not too late for Friday Miocene Gastropod Blogging!

This is a snail that's been dead for about 13 million years. I'm having a bit of trouble keying it out, and so if any of you know where I might look for more info, I'd be appreciative. (Where is Stephen J. Gould when you need him?)

The snail she was extracted from the rock at the locally famous Pleasanton-Sunol railroad cut fossil locality (watch for trains.) It is a shallow-water sandstone-siltstone matrix with sand dollars and scallops and the like. Nice spot.

Oh, yeah: this shot was taken with my new toy.

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Is that the place we went that one time? I'm still sad that I left my snail I found there somewhere at your place. It was kinda colorful, at least when wet.

Posted by: Craig at April 8, 2005 10:01 PM
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Love the Friday Miocene Gastropod Blogging and hope you love your new toy! But if this were a "serious" blog, wouldn't we be seeing
Friday Miocene Cat Blogging? Fortunately you have until the next epoch to take care of this.

Posted by: The Heretik at April 8, 2005 10:11 PM
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Craig: yep. Same place.

Heretik: Here you go. (That'll have to do until Carl shows up.)

Posted by: Chris Clarke at April 8, 2005 10:31 PM
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Like many others, I just discovered your blog, and have now spent several hours devouring the luscious prose in your archives.

I particularly enjoy your hiking stories. I lived in the Bay Area for thirteen years, and just recently moved to a big city on the East Coast for a one-year employment stint. I miss the Bay Area a great deal, and your essays bring it all back. My wife and I plan on moving back in the Fall.

Your stuff is also inspiring me to take up writing for pleasure again. I used to write a great deal of fiction and poetry when I was younger, but as I got deeper into academia, it all got displaced by technical/academic writing. Nowadays, all the writing I do is legal writing. As someone once said, legal writing is to writing what military marches are to music. Bleah.

But your writing... Wow. If I could attain a fraction of the skill and beauty you display, I'd be very happy with myself.

I'll be reading regularly now, and will comment often. When my wife I get back to the Bay Area, you'll have a standing invite to a meal at the eatery of your choice, on me, with pleasure.

Posted by: Mike Anderson at April 8, 2005 11:04 PM
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Hmm. Are you sure that's not the remains of yesterday's cinnamon roll? (Nice camera.)

Posted by: leslee at April 9, 2005 06:41 AM
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Well, at least this snail isn't doin' it!

Nice toy, too.

Posted by: Kathy at April 9, 2005 06:49 AM
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chris, you're going to like the reb. i shot the first one for a few years. it's a nice toy.

Posted by: Anne at April 9, 2005 06:50 AM
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I think I've got pixel envy.

Posted by: Rurality at April 9, 2005 07:24 PM
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