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June 16, 2005

Ultra-Blue-State Feminism

My darling niece claims her place of honor in the sanctimonious women's studies set:

[T]he Smurfs frame gender in a nonessentialist, almost subjective light, casting it as a socially determined factor. Nerdy Smurf chooses to be nerdy, Asshole Smurf chooses to be an asshole, Papa Smurf chooses to save the rest of the dumbass clan from Gargamel, and Smurfette chooses to fill a gaping niche in a society of 50 "men" by casting herself in the role of "female". Clearly, her status as lone woman in Smurfland cannot be solely biologically determined, unless she has litters of 100 Smurfs per pop, is immortal, and never experiences menopause.

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