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August 31, 2005

One hero among many

Via Roxanne, A Small Victory has an emailed note from an MD who's helping set up an impromptu hospital in the NOLA Ritz-Carlton. Read it. Then drop some cash on the red Cross. (That last link is getting tons of traffic, so keep trying, or look up your local chapter and call them.)

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this is an incredible front-line story.... there must be hundreds of similar ones that nobody can hear at the moment.

the scope of this disaster just boggles the mind. how do you wrap your head around an entire major city being really, truly evacuated and out of commission for a minimum of months?

rebuilding was daunting but do-able when, for example, the loma prieta earthquake hit the bay area in 1989, or the oakland hills fire took out a couple thousand homes -- or other hurricanes hit, or 9/11 happened....

but it sounds like the vast majority of new orleans is unsalvageable, and huge swaths of other parts of the gulf coast as well.

the red cross website even has a page on donating spare change:

i'm pretty sure this isn't the only household with a few pounds of change lying around. and this is a way for absolutely everyone to be involved -- from those of heavy pockets and purses to those with piggybanks. it would be great if schools and offices set up jars -- 'cause it does add up....

Posted by: kathy at August 31, 2005 01:01 PM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs