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September 01, 2005

Give to the fucking Red Cross anyway, damnit.

Becky went to donate blood tonight. I didn't go: It's still less than a year since my rabies shots. Turns out they don't want Becky's blood either.

I was sexually assaulted in 1982. Because of that assault, the Red Cross respectfully declines Becky's blood unless she signs an affadavit saying we haven't had sex in the last year. Insert marriage joke here.

I am in complete support of the Red Cross keeping the blood supply as pathogen-free as possible. I'd rather they err on the side of exclusion.

But if they're going to exclude anyone who has sex with me, then grant them "healthy" status if they refrain from having sex with me for a year, why not give me a break? I have not had "sex" with that rapist for 23 years. A dozen years ago, when I heard from a former lover that she was HIV-positive, Becky and I trooped down to get tested. (Thank you, Planned Parenthood.) We're both clean. I'd be happy to be tested again to rest the Red Cross' mind at ease. And the only high-risk behavior I engage in is hiking in the desert in summer with insufficient water.

But apparently, to the Red Cross, being a rape victim puts you permanently in a high-risk category, regardless of later blood test results. Maybe someone smarter than I am can tell me why that's a good idea from an epidemiology standpoint.

Are they allowed to give blood themselves, despite having their heads shoved up their asses?

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I believe the heads-up-asses are actually in the FDA, which sets the rules for blood donors at all donation establishments, Red Cross and otherwise.

Posted by: yami at September 2, 2005 09:46 AM
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