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September 03, 2005

Hope is on the way, but stuck in traffic behind a motorcade

Three tons of food ready for delivery by air to refugees in St. Bernard Parish and on Algiers Point sat on the Crescent City Connection bridge Friday afternoon as air traffic was halted because of President Bush's visit to New Orleans, officials said.

The provisions, secured by U.S. Rep. Charlie Melancon, D-Napoleonville, and state Agriculture Commissioner Bob Odom, baked in the afternoon sun as Bush surveyed damage across southeast Louisiana five days after Katrina made landfall as a Category 4 storm, said Melancon's chief of staff, Casey O'Shea.

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the real stories are only now coming out -- for example:

sorry, i don't know how to make better links. but honest -- every damned story from the street is enough to bring the tears.

how will these people be ok again?

Posted by: Kathy A at September 3, 2005 10:43 PM
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*shakes head*

Posted by: Rana at September 3, 2005 11:08 PM
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Rana, I'm really not trying to drive you nuts.

Posted by: Chris Clarke at September 3, 2005 11:21 PM
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But at least Bush wasn't getting a $200 haircut while planes waited.

That would be REALLY bad.

(Even if it actually happened, instead of was rumored to have happened.)

Posted by: KathyF at September 4, 2005 02:59 AM
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This is why I think the President (any president) does NOT belong in a disaster area. I've read criticism of GWB because he didn't show up right away. Why should he show up? He's not useful, his presence pulls emergency personnel away from their duties to escort him whereever he goes, and they have to shut down airports and streets and create even more disruption than is already happening.

He should have gone straight to Washington on Sunday and shown a little leadership there, maybe building a fire under a few FEMA asses. But touring the disaster area? Whatever for?

Posted by: Vicki at September 4, 2005 08:53 AM
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(Don't worry, Chris - I'm not going to blame the messenger.)

Posted by: Rana at September 4, 2005 02:34 PM
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[cross post from I Blame The Patriarchy]
Dear Chris,

Thank you for the powerful encouragement. This is the deep end of the pool for me, the big leagues, the place where the most important conversation is in progress right now.

I can't pretend to be more than a beginner -- I'm just finding my voice, and right now it is a bit uncertain and sometimes off the mark. But I do know my "job" as a participant is to help make a conversation worth visiting.

It takes a tremendous amount of effort and sustained attention to do what is done here ... I know that I couldn't do it. But I long to be part of it and I want to support it.

I worry every time I'm about to press "post" if my words and thoughts are helpful and useful. Like learning to rock climb, I'm willing to fall as a beginner until I get better, but I'm not willing to crash into others until I stop falling.

Your compliment suggests I'm on the right track, and you can't know how much it is appreciated. I am aware how much damage the masculine voice has done; I know how easy it is to unconsciously and unintentionally cause harm; I am struggling to step out of that space ...

... and learn how to effect positive change without using the tools and strategies of my adversary.

can i defeat a gun without a gun; can i defeat aggression without becoming aggressive; can i find a path between my masculinity and my femininity that does no harm to either ...

it seems that a major challenge in the world is that the energies used to defeat something tend to replace it with the same thing. if we use a form of masculine aggression to defeat patriarchy, we turn ourselves into our adversary. in my meditations i'm seeking a different path. but my words are not always from that path. while an old man, i'm yet a young gardener, a young tree.

the buddhist within me says, "it's all just spiritual practice." but thank you for graciously allowing me to practice here ... in the deep end of the pool ... with the serious people doing serious things.


Posted by: ehj2 at September 5, 2005 06:30 AM
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Like everyone else, I kept thinking that Bush should be down there, that he should really get his butt down there. But it's proof that the man is a curse and that all the rescue efforts are probably a lot better off without his incompetence!

Posted by: Pepper at September 5, 2005 04:08 PM
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