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September 08, 2005

Becky's favorite Rehnquist Death-Related Headline

Sunday, Sept 6 Contra Costa Times:
"A Rare Chance To Mold Judiciary"

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one of those times when the press unintentionally gets it right. and everyone else needs to go for a walk, or get some coffee, or look into moving far, far away...

i know spellcheck is one of those evil automatic things, but don't papers even have editors anymore? or do the editors all rely on spellcheck now?

Posted by: Kathy A at September 8, 2005 09:28 PM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs

You can always count on The CC Times for such things. Hell, I've always suspected if they had advance notice of the sun going super-nova and incinerating our planet, they would bury the story on page 11 so as not to upset their advertisers and put a crimp on sales.

Posted by: The CultureGhost at September 8, 2005 11:24 PM
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