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September 28, 2005

The news this morning

I found it interesting to read this story of a local family reacting to a loved one's death in Iraq. The story is horrifically sad, of course - young man with a family, his most recently scheduled leave postponed again and again and now, of course, forever - but his family's opposition to the war is treated matter-of-factly and with respect.

Also, can I just send a heartfelt message to the Iowa Fifth Congressional District's Representative Steve King? Mr King: fuck you. You aren't fit to carry Maudelle Shirek's bedpan.

I have been one of Maudelle's constituents. I have been privileged to share the dais with her while speaking at community events. I have seen her in action, responding to the needs of her district and her city in consistent attempts to make life easier for the poorest among us, while - despite being an evil progressive - being remarkably sympathetic to business owners.

Maudelle Shirek is the most principled, honest and humane politician I have ever met. She is the best American politics has to offer. King's grandstanding - aside from being ugly and quite likely racially motivated - has a clear message: if you are to the left of Joe Lieberman, you are not a "real American."

Representative King, I am a proud inheritor of the fine American tradition of left activism. And I commit myself to piss on your grave.

May that day come very soon.

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decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs

decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs


I commit myself to piss on your grave

*snork* That's the first political post that's made me spit on my keyboard with laughter in, I dunno, way too long. It's also some admirable invective.


Posted by: sennoma at September 28, 2005 09:16 AM
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"...not fit to carry"?

Not fit to lick!

I've heard gossip that she has Alzheimer's, and I'd suspected it since that fast-shuffle in the last election. We can debate later whether that makes Berkeley politics family-like or incestuous... Oh yeah. But what sets my teeth on edge is the blatant, naked, out-front nature of this insult. And stuff like that has had me alarmed and pissed off before now.

Meanwhile, that King jackass is what my dear old dad used to call a suckhole. But we knew that.

Posted by: Ron at September 28, 2005 09:19 AM
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King says McCarthy is a hero for America. The right listens and cheers, while the left sadly weeps. Freedom my ass. Where are we finding our representatives? What hole? Let me know so I can fill it in.

Posted by: tweedledopey at September 28, 2005 09:35 AM
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Dear Chris,

While possibly a waste of good progressive piss, I'll join you. Our contribution might ameliorate some of the resultant toxicity from adding this cretinous corporatist carcass to the American soil.


Posted by: ehj2 at September 28, 2005 10:20 AM
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Ergh. I'm a native western Iowan who left that part of the state for many years (for eastern Iowa), returned west for four years and just left once again (for eastern Iowa). At a perfect time, I might add. I watched Steve King when he was in the state legislature flashing his effing xenophobe cred and thought "what a silly loon; who's he trying to play to with this historical-footnotesque extremist shit"?. That western Iowa elected him to a higher office (twice!!!) has made me feel terribly angry and ashamed. I hope the son of a bitch goes down in flames for this business (and the immigration wall proposal, fer feck's sake!). He aspires to challenge Sen. Harkin when Harkin's term's up... hopefully now even the goddam GOP thinks King's too fucking foolhardy a xenophobe fascist moron that's too mad even for their likes to want to support. Also I'm saddened that your PO won't be named for Ms. Shirek. Given what I've read of Ms. Shirek I'd be very honored to find reminders of her work and presence and I feel terrible my (thankfully former) representative thwarted official honors. I'll piss with you on that goddam grave.

Posted by: Bert at September 30, 2005 08:59 PM
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