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October 01, 2005

The Anatomy of Bad News: self-criticism

Before I go any further: Lest I appear sanctimonious, which is of course the occupational hazard of someone who for a living exhorts people to take action, I should point out that every criticism I level at "people in general" in this series - the apathy, the jadedness, the resignation and acceptance of others' misfortunes from one's own comfortable point of view - is a criticism I level at myself as well, often on a daily basis.

I get comfortable. I get used to life as it is. I don't wish to shake things up, to make more effort than I congratulate myself for making already. I get tired, despair of making small steps when large ones are called for. I get defensive.

But the very life I live causes misery to others, despite my best intentions. And the more I learn about those others' lives, the more tainted my own hands seem. It's just a good thing there are others of conscience, people who can shine that glaring light on my misdeeds.

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Veggies are people, too! I'm glad someone is taking up the cause.

Posted by: Miguel Alondra at October 1, 2005 06:19 PM
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I feel that all the time ... I feel a rush after a particularly snarky, clever post. Then I crash because I realize that I am just as guilty of the selfishness and narrow-mindedness that I deride.

Posted by: Pepper at October 2, 2005 01:42 PM
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