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November 26, 2005


I am dissatisfied with this weblog.

I do not like what this weblog has become. I do not like the role it has begun to play in my life.

I do not like working with intent I consider unconducive to good writing.

I find myself playing to the audience, a hyperconsciousness of the effect of a few certain words on a few certain people. I find myself reading my referral stats more hours per week than I read books. I find myself writing for inbound links rather than to express myself. I find myself tossing ill-considered writing out into the world, not even cleansed of typographical errors much less of errors in judgment.

I find myself writing here because it is easy. I find myself writing here instead of working on my book, instead of selling my work. Instead of finishing something important, I post three easy paragraphs and call it "writing."

I need to rethink this.

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