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December 04, 2005

Bloggers Against Racism

It's been a few days, and the Blog Against Racism Day discussion is still in full swing, and the entries keep coming in.

Which is what we all wanted, right?

A hugely diverse group of people made Blog Against Racism Day a startlingly successful project. Not successful in the sense of ending racism, of course, but in terms of how many people took part.

There are more than 250 bloggers in the list of participants below. I'm certain I've neglected some. Please let me know in comments if you know of an entry not on the list, and I'll add it.

Because of the sheer number of participants, this list was compiled without a huge amount of research. I consolidated lists from the comments and trackbacks here, from Tony G. at milkriverblog and Kevin Andre Elliott at Slant Truth (thanks guys!), from Google and Technorati.

Where it was possible to make sure of it, the links below will take you to the BAR Day post, and include the blog (and/or blogger) name and post title. At the very least, the link will take you to the front page of the participating blog, and you can look for posts from December 1 or thereabouts. I tried not to list aggregator sites that merely republish rss files, but I did include folks who linked without writing posts: every bit of attention helps. Again, if you have suggested edits to any of the links - or if I've overlooked a link or two that's inappropriate - drop a note in comments.

[Update] Also, as I update this list, MovableType insists on re-trackbacking everyone. I'm sorry about that. After this update, I'll put new additions in a subsequent post so as to minimize the incredible annoyance this is probably causing some of you. My apologies.

Blog Against Racism Day Participants

Three Bulls!
The Friday Racist Email Post
a cat and twenty..
AGITPROP: Version 3.0, Featuring Blogenfreude
Ancrene Wiseass: Blog against racism on Dec. 1
confessions of a first-time mother: Blog Against Racism Day
Egotistical Whining
is this thing on? taptap
Backseat driving
Racism: Making Things Worse all over the world
50 Years Ago Today
Blog Against Racism Day
blogarithmicly #4
IceRocket Tag: racism
Blogtimore, Hon
Body and Soul: What are you doing here?
Rubies In Crystal: Blog Against Racism Day
Here goes nothing: Happy Belated Blog Against...
But Wait, There's More!
the cassandra pages
The Charlotte Capitalist
Clintster's So-Called Life
Clint McGuire
Thoughts That Get Stuck In My Head
The Evil Petting Zoo
Comments From Left Field: World AIDS Day and Blog Against Racism Day
Commeo: Racism from the southern point of view
Commeo: Three part harmony blogging against racism
Commeo: Blog Against Racism Day Reads (So Far)
CultureCat: Quick Takes
The Daily Blatt.
Davenetics: Newsmonger Category: The Moderate Voice
Blog Against Racism Day |
deSelby at Diptych
Adventures in Ethics and Science: What's the big deal about high school biology class?
Anniversary of Parks' Civil Disobedience Act...
The Debate Link (David Schraub): "A Brief Word About The Word"
East Ethnia
Eff's Rambles
Pen-Elayne on the Web (Elayne Riggs(
Blogging about racism
feminist blogs » Race
An owl's feather
Findory : Michele
Blanton's and Ashton's - Reality-based...and loving it!
Green Gabbro: Happy Blog Against Racism Day!
Shades Of Grey
Looking at the Stars
Happening Here: call out a columnist on his racism.
Heo Cwaeth
Heraclitean Fire: Blog Against Racism Day
Heraclitean Fire: So why blog against racism anyway?
Hughes for America
Hughes for America: Racism: America's disgraceful legacy
Hugo Schwyzer
Hungry Hyaena thinks Sarah Silverman is all that
Hungry Hyaena
Interesting Times
Hey, Look, I Got Promoted This blog got a...
you don't have to read
Jenny Zhang
I missed that Thursday thang
The House & other Arctic musings
You can't make anything up | things known
Lawyers, Guns and Money: Scott Lemieux
Liberal Hyperbole
Arbusto de Mendacity
Blog About Racism Day Post - Mel's Diner
It’s all right if you love me-It's alright it y...
Loaded Mouth: World AIDS Day and Blog Against Racism Day
Maximum America » Race
Meanwhile Here in France
media girl
a day late and a dollar short
Mike the Mad Biologist: November 2005
milkriverblog: COM: Mean-spirited America
milkriverblog: COM: Blog Against Racism Day
Miniver Cheevy: Blog Against Racism
Mixing Memory
Monica Jackson » Today is Blog Against Racism Day! tag: Racism * movil
Mrs. Coble, Living Vicariously
Much Too Much: Racism, AIDS, surprises
My Amusement Park
Neil Shakespeare
Via Negativa
Dharma Bums: 1963
New Kid on the Hallway: Blog against racism
Night Bird's Fountain
Bread and Circuses
nina turns 40: I confess
Happy Furry Puppy Story Time with Norbizness: Austin cops say the darndest things
p3 - Persuasion, Perseverance, and Patience
Oh, good crap
Ethel the Frog
Orange Tangerine
Our Word
Out of the Jungle
The Life and Times of Varjak Paul
Paperback Writer
Sorcerer's Stories: Blog Against Racism
Alexis's Profile -
Phantom Scribbler: Blog Against Racism two-days-late Day
::la fabulosa::
Polis Novus - Technology blog news and headline resource.
The Primate Journal
Professor Kim's News Notes.
Dr. Virago of Quod She
Both sides of that river, we die just the same
Quoth the Raven
Raznor's Rants
Someone Took In These Pants...
Ann Adams
Brutal Truth
Rox Populi
Yeah, but Houdini didn't have ...: Racism
Satellite Heart
Cousin Lucy's Spoon
Science And Politics
Scottish Nous
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society
Sedition·com (did he just call me an anti-semite?)
Unright Christian Blogs
The World According to Pooh
Red Dirt
Sour Duck's link blog: Blog Against Racism Day
Really Smart Talk ~ 12/1/2005
Spanglemonkey: Where the Discomfort of Racism Comes into Play
Blog against racism day (retcon edition)
Mary Stella's Postcards from Paradise - Bravenet Web Journal
Taming of the Band-Aid
If I Ran the Zoo
The Common Ills
Galloping Beaver: Hatred Born Of Fear
The Moderate Voice
The Rock Bitch
Sovereignty of SeaWitch
Tild ~
Thoughts of an Average Woman
unabashedly pc (several entries)
The Uncommon Man
My tongue broke out in unknown strains
This Space For Rent: There comes a time when people get tired of being trampled over by the iron feet of oppression
Welcome to the Nut House: 2nd post
Welcome to the Nut House
Whiteness is the opposite of solidarity
Zen Comix: World AIDS Day and Blog Against...
Against Racism
Mommy, am I a racist? Yes, dear, you are
Are you ready for some football?
Word Munger: How can we end racism today?
Wulfgar: A Chicken Is Not Pillage
G.E. Lessing 'blogs' against racism, 1779
10000 Birds
Political Site of the Day - Some of the best, most interesting
a cat and twenty.
Acephalous: I'm Done With Sex, Now It's Time to Blog About Racism
AlterNet: Blogs: Peek
Alas, A Blog: How Not To Be Insane When Accused Of Racism
Alas, A Blog: Privilege Is Driving a Smooth Road And Not Even
Ancrene Wiseass
Atypical Joe: Blog Against Racism Day: AIDS & Race
Atypical Joe: Blog Against Racism Day: The children left behind
Atypical Joe: Blog Against Racism Day: Juries & Race
Atypical Joe: Blog Against Racism Day: Race here
Big Brass Alliance
Random Ravings: #1,000
Random Ravings: 50 Years Ago
debitage: part of the core tool and scraper tradition
collision///commentary - politick everything.
Starfish and Coffee
CorrenteWire (several posts)
Daily Kos (individual diaries)
Deborah Lipp: Blog Against Racism Day
Orcinus: New Orleans Racial Cleansing
Racism and the Kalamazoo Promise
Problem Adults - Forums
The Fat Lady Sings: Divided America
Ron Sullivan: BARD-o
fL - quirk, strangeness and charm
Rants for the Invisible People
World AIDS Day and Blog Against Racism Day
Philosophy, Computers, and Bad Writing: Denouncing Racism in all of it's Forms - What is a White Guy to do?
Jacob's Ladder
Jay Sennett
Joely Sue Burkhart
Advertise Liberally -
The Liberal Avenger
Mel's Diner
Sisyphus Shrugged - well, damn, I almost missed blog against
Gillian Polack
n_runningcreek: December First is "Blog Against Racism" Day
Wonderland or Not
Lying Media Bastards
Feathers of Hope
MamasInk | enough dishes, already.
Welcome to Meljean Brook's Web Site
memeorandum @ 3:10 PM ET, December 1, 2005
me, my life + infrastructure: blog against racism day
Rantings and Ravings of an Insane Writer » Blog Archive » Racism?
Michael Bérubé Online: Blog Against Racism Day
Night Bird
Ann Bartow: Blog Against Racism Day
Ann Bartow: How Not To Be Insane When Accused of Racism
( EC ) Hand-Shake
ORblogs - About Persuasion, Perseverance...
ORblogs - Topic: thanksgiving
Tell me something I don't know
Pam's House Blend
Pandagon: December 1st
Pandagon: Skin and the Color of Money
Pandagon: We are all racist
Pleasant Tingle: December 1st: Blog Against Racism Day
Preemptive Karma
PSoTD Blog Against Racism
Rachel S
r blog » WAR PROTEST
Malice Aforethought: Blog Against Racism Day
Slant Truth: Blogging Against Racism Pt. 1
Slant Truth: Blogging Against Racism Pt. 2
Slant Truth: Blogging Against Racism Pt. 3
Slant Truth: Blogging Against Racism Pt. 4
Slant Truth: Blog Against Racism Pt. 5 and World Aids Day
Slant Truth: Blogging Against Racism Pt. 6
Slant Truth: Blogging Against Racism Pt. 7
Slant Truth: Blogging Against Racism Pt. 8
Slant Truth: Yes, I'm still Blogging Against Racism
My Left Wing :: A Liberal Translation
Good read on racism.
-- Stump Lane -- Clever, Hilarious, Informative
The Daily Jot
The Politicker
The Rock Bitch
Brenda Clews
Yellow Snapdragons
Zen Comix: World AIDS Day and Blog Against Racism Day
How a 16-Year-Old Black Girl Liberated America...

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You sure do know how to start a blogswarm. Kudos!

Posted by: Roxanne at December 5, 2005 12:00 AM
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wow, wow, wow. i have a lot of reading to do -- and that, friends, is a wonderful gift.

Posted by: kathy a at December 5, 2005 12:43 AM
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Posted by: Viv at December 5, 2005 03:36 AM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs

Thanks again Chris for spearheading this great idea. And thanks to everyone who participated. This is truly amazing.

There is also a post at Acephalous that I don't see here: .


Posted by: Kevin Andre Elliott at December 5, 2005 07:36 AM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs

Wow, SlantTruth rocked.

Posted by: eRobin at December 5, 2005 08:19 AM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs

Thanks, Chris, for having such a good idea and for putting together this list.

Posted by: Rexroth's Daughter at December 5, 2005 08:34 AM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs

Thanks for the long list!

fyi: my link is broke bc it's the 12th month, not the 11th and I'm a dope. lol. Thanks!

Posted by: a nut at December 5, 2005 09:23 AM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs

Thanks for the great idea, and all the work you put into organizing and tracking it. It was a smashing success, and I read a lot of great stuff from blogs I hadn't really noticed before (including your own, which it turns out is local to me). Great job!

Posted by: Tom Hilton at December 5, 2005 12:48 PM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs

One more for the list: I linked to the main post when I blogged against racism the other day, but this trackback stuff is alien to me and apparently I got it wrong. For what it's worth, here's the link to what I wrote:

Posted by: Emily at December 5, 2005 01:30 PM
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Zenformation Professional

Posted by: joe at December 5, 2005 02:56 PM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs

oops...looks like my link to Acephalous' post (he's a great blogger btw) didn't come through. Here it is again:

Again, you all rule!


Posted by: Kevin Andre Elliott at December 5, 2005 05:50 PM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs

Hi, Chris:

Thanks again for the idea--and thanks for the list, too.

Here's the URL for the post I wrote for the Big Day itself (as opposed to the one I wrote to let folks know about aforementioned Big Day):

Posted by: Ancrene Wiseass at December 7, 2005 04:38 PM
decorative line of bighorn petroglyphs

Great idea, Chris, and I am going to treat the reading of these as a kind of reward to myself over the coming weeks... looking forward.

My contribution:

Posted by: Shelley at December 11, 2005 05:49 PM
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