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January 05, 2006

Someone obviously isn't reading Twisty Faster

Because if she'd read this, she couldn't have written this.

Not without lying, I mean.

Um, oh.

Never mind. Forget I said anything.

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I wanted to leave a comment on the malkin blog but can't figure out how to do it. I don't want a trackback. guess she doesn't really want input?

speaking of cultures, etc., I'm curious about her background. anybody know?

Posted by: peacebug at January 5, 2006 01:17 PM
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She actually ended that post with "Crickets. Chirping." WTF is that supposed to represent??? Aaarrrrrgggg..

peacebug--if you are curious enough you can Google her bio and get some of the background. I much prefer malkinwatch--a blog that counters her daily spewing. She has written a book that suggests that the internment of the Japanese was a good and righteous act, among her other reality distorting expurgations.

Posted by: spyder at January 5, 2006 03:11 PM
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Malkin makes Firefox cry. Seriously, it crashed after I opened that link. I did have the opportunity to read it, though. Yeesh.

Posted by: SneakySnu at January 5, 2006 03:14 PM
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Shorter Malkin: Because the Great Feminist Man-and-America-Hating Conspiracy didn't see fit to personally inform me of its outrage (so that I could then, probably, accuse it of Man-and-America-Hating), there isn't any outrage.

Posted by: Stephanie at January 5, 2006 03:23 PM
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It is difficult to get outraged by something you do not hear about. Unlike MM and her lot the average American feminist is not constantly hunting for information about the horrors of immigration.

There is plenty of coverage of women's issues from all over the world on various feminist sites but I guess she just skips those posts. she is too busy looking for the stories that are NOT there.

Posted by: Brenna at January 5, 2006 04:37 PM
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there's no h in the http for the first link... but since it's to Michelle Malkin, I really don't want to go there anyway.

Posted by: craig at January 5, 2006 06:26 PM
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ok, just read the middle link. It's really a much better link than the outer two. I recommend it.

I love the Lucky Charms line. I may steal it some day.

Posted by: craig at January 5, 2006 06:32 PM
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I can't read articles with the title "fuck", since for some strange reason, my employer's server proxies think it must not be work-related. It's a very sad state of affairs, because rather than reading Blame The Patriarchy, I'm simply left with a bad taste in my mouth reading MM's writings.

Anyhow, this seems to be a much-loved tactic of the right-wing, to purposely misrepresent your opponents, thereby putting them on the defensive. This forces us to waste time combatting their lies. (I just saw "Good Night and Good Luck", about Murrow's battle with Senator Joe McCarthy, and I realise this is an old old tactic.) It shits me to tears, since I hold myself to a higher standard.

Maybe I shouldn't. Maybe I should just spread malicious rumours about them.... Like, Michelle, how are your multiple lawsuits going? You mean-spirited crank - starving your siblings like that, kicking neighbourhood dogs, falsely accusing the local panhandlers of abuse. You twittering idiot - have you finally succeeded at convincing your employers that you have the uni degree you lied about? Good onya!

You see, I suck at it.... I can't possibly come up with the vile abhorrant types of accusations that they do, because I won't stoop to that level. How DARE they accuse us of not caring?!

Posted by: elissa at January 5, 2006 07:30 PM
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I much prefer malkinwatch--a blog that counters her daily spewing

The author is also a reader and occasional commenter at Creek Running North, and thanks you for your support. :)

Posted by: Auguste at January 5, 2006 10:32 PM
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