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May 31, 2003


Seems like everyone's read The Monkey Wrench Gang and Desert Solitaire, but a century from now, I think, people will judge A Fool's Progress and Black Sun Ed Abbey's best works. I finished my first re-reading of Fool's Progress ...

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May 30, 2003

Hearing the Nuttall's

As Zeke and I headed down toward the creek this morning, we were greeted by a woodpecker's drumming. I imagine it was a Nuttall's. When we first moved in to the neighborhood a year ago, a Nuttall's was one of...

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May 29, 2003

Dark night

At 7:00 pm, there were dark, cold clouds over Pinole. As I passed the creek mouth, two Amtrak trains hurtled by - one eastbound, one west. Behind the trains, the dodder parasitizing the saltmarsh pickleweed glowed brilliant orange: one spot...

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Running the creek

I noticed one of those inevitable little reminders of biological entropy a couple weeks back. I was sitting on the end of my bed, tying my shoes, and realized that the task had put me out of breath. I clearly...

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Credit where due

For someone who's been rather obsessed about issues of place for gosh I dunno decades, it's odd I never stumbled upon the notion of a place-based weblog until I found Numenius and Pica's blog, Feathers of Hope. I imagine the...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 11:37 AM

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