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March 31, 2005

Shikataganai? No-No!

A hero has passed. And though history has vindicated Fred Korematsu, there are still heinous little amoral opportunists who, in the pursuit of their own career goals, would have us walk down that path again. I would quote Tom Robinson...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 05:35 PM

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I wish I'd written this.

Is there a more politically astute way of putting this? I dunno. I'll just say that Dave Roberts hits the nail on the head with regard to George Lakoff....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 03:27 PM

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March 30, 2005

Walker Pass, Halloween 1997

[Another fragment of desert writing. This one overlaps the last in a spot or two. What can I say; I'm working on getting the Journal to the printer this week. No time to write until tomorrow.] At Walker Pass in...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 08:10 AM

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March 28, 2005

Red Rock Raven

[Another from the archives; wrote it about five years ago. This is one of the few pieces I've ever pulled from an editor due to lack of editorial skill.] As you head east from Tehachapi toward the unglamorous railroad town...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 09:43 PM

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March 27, 2005

A glimpse of my near future

Here is a shot (by Tom Veik) of a stretch of trail I'll walk on the first day of my Grand Canyon hike in May. Wheee!...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 10:13 PM

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I get letters, #3

One of the perks of my job editing Earth Island Journal is that my predecessor had ó shall we say ó a high tolerance for wackjob theories. And thus there are a lot of people out there who see the...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 07:09 PM

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Happy plain old Sunday!

An Easter message from the House Rabbit Society: "Contrary to Eastertime hype, rabbits and small children aren't a good match. The exuberance of even the gentlest toddler is stressful for the sensitive rabbit. "Children like a companion they can hold,...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 09:24 AM

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March 25, 2005

Friday branching glass sponge blogging!

About forty years ago, my uncle was plowing a field in the Finger Lakes region of New York when he found the fossil pictured here (photo taken by Craig). It was an oddity, and he brought it to his mother-in-law...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 07:23 AM

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March 24, 2005

Finally, an answer

Over the years, as I've traveled the wide world and met all kinds of people, in many different cities and towns along life's byways, people have long asked me a question - a compelling, wistful question - for which I...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 05:28 PM

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March 23, 2005

Life and death

One morning twenty years ago this month, I opened the front section of the Washington Post and read that my friend Stephen Peter Morin had been executed by the state of Texas for capital murder. There are two reasons that...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 09:02 PM

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A beeeyoutiful blog!

Niches is a blog run at, which is a native plant seed company in Athens, Georgia. It's a lovely, lovely blog. The photography alone is worth checking out: spring has come to the southeast! And I'm glad to see...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 11:08 AM

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Tangled Bank 24

My Aneides lugubris post is featured on the latest Tangled Bank, hosted this time by the very stylish Syaffolee....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 06:16 AM

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March 22, 2005

Well, this is weird.

So yesterday I get a call from a chipper young thing at CNN's Atlanta headquarters. And I think "OK, some dolphin has died somewhere and they want a quote, or someone has slammed my employer and CNN wants a response....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 10:17 PM

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I get letters, #2

Dear Editor, So, as I see it the key issue surrounding the Terri Schiavo controversy is defining what constitutes a "vegetative state."† Apparently someone in such a state is non-responsive to questions, has no higher brain functioning, and, although the...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 06:38 PM

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I get letters

To the Editor: Chris Clarke is right to suggest that "Red-state voters face environmental threats" ("Bushed Again, What Can We Expect in the Next Four Years?") but he's dead wrong when he suggests that John Kerry "assiduously avoided statements on...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 04:50 PM

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March 21, 2005

Reading assignment

Lauren is on a roll. Don't read her last several posts if you don't want to get mad....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 03:49 PM

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Discovering a better network

After deciding I can't stand to look at my monitor for another damn second, I throw daypack and boots in the truck and go out for another short hike. It's only a paltry eight miles, out and back, but...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 09:10 AM

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I guess I hurt some feelings

My ENN commentary seems to have attracted the attention of the anti-environmental wing of the wingnut right. I notice Dreissen didn't point out that I called his article "silly" and that I then went on to criticize misstatements from people...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 06:51 AM

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March 20, 2005


It's hard to believe it was a year ago today that Mr. Attitude here came to live with us. His expression in this shot is the result of being chased around the yard a few times. The routine goes...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 10:25 AM

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Women's issues

Well, on consideration, I can certainly see why the A-list male bloggers find women's issues to be trivial and unimportant and uninteresting. It's all just vaginal politics, after all....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 09:49 AM

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I've been thinking a bit more about the whole "women bloggers are from Venus, Kevin Drum is from Uranus" thing, and I'm wondering a bit about my own approach to my own blog. Could I perhaps be neglecting my duty...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 12:44 AM

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March 19, 2005

Iris douglasiana

Or at least it was identified that way on the pot when I bought it a couple years ago. A little too white to be the straight species, if you ask me. Anyway, it's the first native iris to...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 03:35 PM

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At this point, I'm just grateful we weren't talking about lutefisk

Lauren takes my baitfish from the comments in the previous post and runs with it....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 10:46 AM

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March 18, 2005

Friday extinct herring blogging!

This is a Knightia, a herring that lived in a large freshwater(ish) lake in North America during the Eocene period, about fifty million years ago. The lake, called "Fossil Lake" for some reason, is gone, but its sediments live...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 08:37 AM

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March 17, 2005

X marks the chromosome

I'm the last person that would want to promote any kind of gender stereotype, and so I've put off writing about a certain issue for quite some time now. But try as I might, the problem just seems to be...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 07:53 PM

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March 16, 2005

A couple of provocative quotes

Over at Stone Bridge, Huitzil asks a couple things that have my wheels spinning: "Thus we now commonly have quivering-jowl Baptist pastors declaiming against these and other sinners to their audiences (who seems to be undergoing the same supersizing on...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 10:26 PM

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Infamy and, um, famy

I sifted through today's Votes > Roll Call Vote" href="">unsuccessful vote to prevent drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to come up with a list of Bad Democrats and Not All That Bad Republicans for a friend in email,...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 01:51 PM

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March 15, 2005

A (very) small victory

This here very humble yet fervently Pombo-repulsed blog is the second site returned in an MSN search for "Pombo Real Estate." Bwahahaha....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 10:19 PM

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We yield to none in our struggle to compromise!

For those of you who don't read Pharyngula regularly (and why not?), or some of the other fine blogs of the 2.71828183rd Battling Biologists Division, the life-sciences teachers of the US are, increasingly, fighting back against the spread of Ignorant...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 06:47 PM

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March 14, 2005

Tonight, before going to bed

The owl is back again, flying up and down the neighbor's driveway past our windows as it has for the last three years....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 11:27 PM

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Love is in the air

And Catholic, GOP-appointed Judge Richard Kramer Yahoo! News - Judge Says Calif. Can't Ban Gay Marriage " href="">is one of Cupid's helpers, having ruled today that gay and lesbian Californians have a constitutional right to marry. Each other, I mean....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 08:18 PM

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Note to self

Perhaps not a good idea to work at home the day after Becky's baked a big old chocolate cake....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 02:24 PM

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Friends in the news

The Contra Costa Times' "Time Out " section ran a rather nice portrait of Adam Hochschild today, though for some reason the writer devoted exactly two sentences to his most recent book: His latest work, Bury the Chains: Prophets and...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 09:59 AM

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March 13, 2005


It's a photo of my favorite cute bunny! And she's holding a rabbit! Nyuk. 15 miles hiked this afternoon in Briones Park, through shin-deep cow wallows and astonishing flower gardens. It was shorts and T-shirt weather - sorry, Easterners,...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 07:02 PM

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March 12, 2005

Fortunate Disaster: Reaping The Cinematographical Whirlwind

It's been some time since I sent this piece off, on what I thought was a firm gentlemen's agreement, to a publication which out of courtesy I will not identify but which may or may not rhyme with "Mondon Deview."...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 11:03 PM

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Aneides lugubris

Eventually, one of these guys is going to let me have it. Arboreal salamanders are supposed to pack a wallop in the chomp department, and though I've been bitten by one, it was about as uncomfortable as touching a...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 11:40 AM

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March 11, 2005


From my notebooks, May 12 1993: Itís a beautiful day, I can see for miles, and Iím bitterly envious of Zeke, my dog. Heís living fully in the present, bounding up and down the cherty East Ridge Trail not...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 09:53 PM

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Good one, Rox

ZzzzzzINNGGG! Heh heh heh....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 06:42 PM

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Friday echinoderm blogging!

This is part of a crinoid mass mortality layer found on Buffalo Creek in 1996. Becky and Zeke and I dragged the big slab of hardened shale all the way back to California by way of Chicago, Duluth, Rapid...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 06:51 AM

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March 10, 2005

Vasia de Barro

In the searing summer of 1984, in the long months after my lover J. died, I went back east for a few months to be my sister's labor coach. In between birth classes I spent a lot of time in...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 10:37 PM

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Ron's back!

and blogging again. Go read....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 01:08 PM

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How did we ever survive before the Internets?

PZ tells us far more than we really wanted to know about the biochemistry of earwax and smegma. Just don't tell Roxanne....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 11:16 AM

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The G**gle gauntlet thrown

Tom Montag thinks he's topped my Google search strings: Someone just arrived at The Middlewesterner by searching msn for "shelf life of prune juice." Top that, if you can. Sorry, Tom. Too easy....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 07:26 AM

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I have a commentary running today on the Environmental News Network. I wonder if I'm going to get in trouble over that EMFs line....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 06:23 AM

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March 09, 2005

Te faltamos, Victor

I remember your hands. They pulled at the strings chords flung toward the sky, your head held back A tilted smile your angle of attack. Soft notes dropped from languid strings hung there in air, like the pink copihue blooms...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 11:24 PM

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Weird Google search phrase that brought someone to this site of the day

"pictures of old yeller having rabies" And it wouldn't have brought them here if not for Siona and Beth. Thanks, honeys. Added later. 11:41 p.m., and the above has been supplanted by a way cooler search string....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 01:37 PM

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Tangled Bank

My Coprinus post is featured in the 23rd edition of Tangled Bank, over at Living the Scientific Life. It's a great set of essays compiled there, and well worth a read, if only to help celebrate PZ's birthday by learning...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 11:01 AM

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March 08, 2005

Another devastating link

Via Harry; this is a rather powerful public service ad....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 09:47 PM

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Moonbat moonbat moonbat!

This humble site, I am pleased to report, is at present the third site down when you Google the word moonbat. We've even beat wikipedia! I would never shamelessly plead for people to link to me for no good reason....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 08:06 AM

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March 07, 2005

If your blog was a situation comedy

What would its theme song be? (File removed to save disk space.)...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 03:38 PM

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By the way...

I do honestly love my brother sometimes. OK, a day later, since that was apparently too telegraphic: if folks would follow the, you know, link, it'd take them to this story: my baby brother cybersquats a domain name for a...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 03:01 PM

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Ban World Music

I spent a little time recently ripping CDs from my collection to put on the iPod, and came up against the limitations of the CD Database (CDDB), that online resource that keeps you from having to manually enter all the...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 12:38 PM

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March 06, 2005

Surfeit of sore feet

Platystemon californicus, a.k.a. "cream cups," El Sobrante Ridge 3/6/2005. Matthew and I hiked 14 miles today if you believe one map, 13 if you believe another. I believe 14: I am sore. It was a slog. The rain stopped...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 09:02 PM

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March 05, 2005

Quote of the day, Canadian content edition

"Mulroney was so far up Reaganís backside that Thatcher kept running into him." - Paul Tomblin Added later. Timothy Burke does run a close second with the following entry on adopting the tactics of the right, which though written at...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 09:19 AM

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Perhaps the most stunning thing I have ever read online

Just go....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 07:35 AM

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March 04, 2005

The Lanehogger

"For the love of Christ!" I saw this morning morning's moron, king-   dork of lame-brained driving, dented door-dinged Falcon, in his riding   Oh the rolling Michelins underneath him needed air, & biding time there, how he hung upon both lanes...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 04:00 PM

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Friday brachiopod blogging!

This is a middle Devonian brachiopod, species undetermined (by me, anyway), collected in western New York shales, in an area with lots of Mucrospirifer and other Spirifer genera....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 08:15 AM

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March 03, 2005

Of all the things I've ever written

...this earned me the most hate mail. Nasty, vicious stuff. From drooling yahoos who threatened violence. And so I'm pleased to see Wolcott's special bonus takedown of a nasty perennial slander on the left in a swipe at Slate's review...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 11:57 PM

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A must-read on public education

Via Rox Populi and Shari at An Old Soul, this 1997 speech by David Stratman is one of the most searingly accurate analyses of the state of public education in the US I have seen in years. Excellent and persuasive...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 11:04 PM

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Bad news comes in large doses

... but there is good news that comes in dribs and drabs , and this drib takes place a hundred feet from Pinole Creek. I love the way this project sounds. I hope it happens. Pinole park land slated to...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 09:59 PM

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Without resting in justice, there is no resting in peace

Brazilian environmental activist Dionisio Ribeiro Filho, 59, was killed by poachers Tuesday in the Tingua federal reserve, which he had worked to defend for three decades. The murder came ten days after that of Dorothy Stang, a US nun and...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 05:10 PM

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March 02, 2005


Becky is getting pretty seriously burned out at work. Her school district has been mismanaged for years, is in a state receivership, and the current state-appointed administrator is balancing the budget by privatizing one school after another. Her whole...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 07:52 PM

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My friend Derek passes along a clip regarding a possible thylacine sighting. The thylacine, a marsupial carnivore native to Tasmania that once ranged as far north as New Guinea, has been considered extinct since the last one died in the...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 05:17 PM

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Writing on a wide variety of topics

It may surprise new Creek Running North readers to learn that when I started this blog, it was intended to be a place where I could write about things that didn't raise my blood pressure. I edit a radical environmental...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 12:02 PM

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Apoplexy du jour.

I don't know which upsets me more: the fact that the Bush Administration is starting to make non-criminal non-citizens wear electronic surveillance monitors on their ankles, or the fact that the "liberal" NPR's website prominently features the story of an...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 09:12 AM

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More moonbat bidness

Craig asked in comments and a couple other folks in email whether I could find a way to put the moonbat logo on a T-shirt. Here's a temporary solution. The logo would look better on a black T-shirt, whch Cafe...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 08:19 AM

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March 01, 2005

Thomas Franks, white courtesy phone.

Via Atrios: TOPEKA, Kan. - Voters on Tuesday upheld an ordinance that prohibits discrimination against homosexuals in municipal hiring, turning back a repeal movement led by a minister known for picketing the funerals of AIDS (news - web sites) victims....

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 09:59 PM

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Riverbed sand

[Photo by Anne Rohrer, large image] A few years ago I was on the banks of the Green just inside Utah, in Dinosaur National Monument, watching the tears of the Wind River and Wasatch ranges flow past. The river...

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Posted by Chris Clarke at 02:34 PM

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