Toad in the Hole

April 17, 2005


I wash my hair about every third day, and wear a plastic shower cap the other two days. It hangs on a hook in the bathroom window to dry.

The other day, I twisted up the my yard or so of hair and put on the hat as usual, and tended to a few other things while I had my hair out of the way. I kept hearing very soft sounds near my right ear, a slight swish or sliding sound, and figured it was the ends of the hair sliding down to the elastic on the hat, as usual. Nothing odd, I just hadn't noticed that precise sound before.

Took shower, toweled off, and swept the hat off my head to hang it up. A fairly large cranefly bounced out and perched on the curtain, evidently none the worse for its waterslide ride. Oh.

Posted at April 17, 2005 11:49 PM