Toad in the Hole

June 10, 2005


Over the past week or two, we've gone up to Tilden Park, out to Walnut Creek, over to El Cerrito, and a few other places either birding or on various errands. Everywhere, we've encountered shiny new painted ladies -- I'm guessing they're the offspring of the great migration we saw in March and early April. In some places, they're even in comparable numbers. They were thick in the air up in Tilden (near Jewel Lake) around Grizzly Peak and the top of Spruce Street in Berkeley, and several every minute, counting just while we waited at traffic lights in Walnut Creek and Berkeley today.

The ones on the west side of the hills seemed to be flying every whichaways, but most of the ones crossing the roads in Walnut Creek seemed to be heading north. In Tilden, they were nectaring on thistles and poison hemlock.

One interesting thing about this species is also a decent fieldmark: They don't fly around obstacles -- including you -- they fly over them.

Posted at June 10, 2005 05:14 AM