Toad in the Hole

October 01, 2005

Winter Continued

Pretty hot again today. I followed a semi-familiar song to the back door, coffee in hand, and found a pair of Bewick's wrens in the trees out back. Also, a rowdy gang of robins, and a grayish warbler I couldn't get a better look at. The usual gang of bushtits and chickadees, hummers -- traffic. And that flicker again, sneering.

Out front, the first golden-crowned sparrow of the year, singing that Oh Poor Me thing.

Joe looked out back while I was at work, and had another yellow warbler, an orange-crowned warbler (probably that was my gray bird), and more robins. I heard one singing, which happens when the winter flock comes in and they all have to get their territories sorted out.

The damned squirrels and the scrub-jays have been molesting my plant pots and, worse, my seed flat, burying acorns. I have to dig up that stash of hot pepper from the Korean supermarket.

Tomorrow we get to hit the Merritt plant sales. Stuff for the raised beds -- veggies, herbs -- and maybe some native bulbs if I can think of a place to plant them.

Posted at October 1, 2005 06:57 AM