Toad in the Hole

October 20, 2005

So Fair and Fowl a Day

Driving back from the mountains, I noticed one of those things you notice that you've been noticing without quite noticing the notice for the last half hour or so. I'd been taking those little white shreds along the dead weeds on the road shoulders for bits of plastic bag, but for some reason I glanced at a spot long enough for a clearer view, and then did it again a few times for confirmation. You know, that snagged flick of the eye, between bouts of watching the road and that damned fool in the Velcro Mixmaster who can't decide which lane he wants to be in, at what speed.

Feathers. They were white feathers, and I saw them for at least 30 miles along the road, lots of them. I got Joe to take some longer looks, and we both saw feathers, all white. Some were pretty big, wing feathers four or five inches long.

Conclusion: we were following, at some distance (maybe a day's or so) a truckload of turkeys, maybe a caravan.

Joe, in W.C. Fields mode: "A truckload of Beltsville Whites. More concentrated stupidity than Congress in session."

Posted at October 20, 2005 06:06 AM