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October 23, 2005

More Things that Go Bump in the Night

Compare and contrast:



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Drag == usually self-mocking (or mocking of the gay community, of which the drag performer is usually a member), while blackface == usually mocking others (ie, whites mocking blacks)... Some of the misogyny in drag is intentional; most is intended to be an exaggeration (sp?) of the 'mincing queen'/'nancy boy' stereotypes. Does blackface ever move beyond racism? I dunno; my impression is not, though at this point drag shows are tolerated far more than minstrel shows.

Would a 'drag show' put on by straights for the purpose of mocking gays be closer to the reality of the minstrel show and blackface?

Finally, to be fair, there are plenty of gays who look upon drag as the queer version of the minstrel show - though in my own experience, many of these critics are also concerned about gays being 'straight acting/straight looking' and 'fitting in', so take that as you will ;-)

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