Toad in the Hole

November 13, 2005

For the Birders

Joe and I spent part of yesterday doing more gardening maintenance and some planting at Chaparral House with some Habitat for Humanity volunteers from UC. I like the people this group sends us; on the whole, they seem baseline competent, quick and eager to learn, and hard workers. Anyone wants to call me for resume help, hey...

Leading a couple of them around the back garden to get tools, I was stopped by bird movement across the space in front of me and into a nearly bare low branch of a mimosa. Black-and-white warbler! White throat, otherwise pretty snappily adult in plumage, and I had a good unobstructed look at its stripy back as it walked along a branch.

It was in a fenced, private part of the grounds, but seemed to be heading toward the Strawberry Creek riparian corridor, and anyone who wants a look would do well to try Strawberry Creek Park, where one can sit and wait for birds to make their rounds. It was associating, but very loosely, with the usual bunch of chickadees and goldfinches that hang out around the neighborhood.

Posted at November 13, 2005 03:30 PM