Toad in the Hole

December 08, 2005

Human Behavior, Stuffed and Gilded

Maybe it's because PZ Myers is younger and more reslilent than I am. He actually looks at some of the work of fools and calls it vile. Yeah, I guess it's depressing, even if you figure it for the work of a sort of stationary troll... A seine? A weir?

But, really, this sort of thing depresses me more about my species. Is this really the best academics can do? OK, if not the best (I forgive the host of that string, Michael Berube, his prolixity and typing speed for the sake of his general humane clarity; he's closer to "the best"), even good enough to be taken seriously? Does Fuller actually make a living doing this sort of thing? Usenet has (still) better trolls than this guy, and every dumb rhetorical tactic he uses has seen its day there and been called out as lame.

As a liberal arts type, I'm embarrassed.

Posted at December 8, 2005 05:52 AM