Toad in the Hole

February 25, 2006

Why She's a Feminist

There's a thread going on at Mother-in-Law stories that starts out with one woman's story of growing up female in India and why technology isn't an unmixed blessing. I notice that in the reply string, it gets turned immediately into a debate about the clean hands and virtue of Planned Parenthood -- in North America, apparently -- which is about typical of the tactics of the particular poster or sockpuppet involved.

Oh, and the usual "Why aren't the feminists talking about thissss?" BS.

You know how when you get old, it's common to get tinnitus? I postulate that's because of the echo. I've Heard It All Before -- this week, even. Again.

Posted at February 25, 2006 12:52 AM


Oh, yes. Planned Parenthood is racist and sexist (they forgot classist) because of the services they provide. Couldn't be that the greater world is racist and sexist, leading women to poverty in greater numbers than men, and women of color to poverty at greater numbers than anybody. (Seriously, if I were a black woman in this culture, I'd just be fire-bombing EVERYTHING) Couldn't be poverty and fear causing some women to abort. They'll argue anything to get their own way, won't they?

Posted by: Heo Cwaeth at March 4, 2006 09:41 AM

Amazing, isn't it. You get the same sort of thing over at abortionclinicstories, only worse. People mention a fact or tell an actual true first-person story and are instantly bayed at by the on-line equivalent of a crowd of picketers howling doctrine and imprecations and going on about killin baybeeeees and then dragging in total non-sequiturs wrapped in twisted statistics and borrowed rhetoric.

Funny how it replicates real life.

And when that's refuted they go on about how PP/abortion rights/birth control/feminism hasn't solved all the problems in the world, so PP is evil/nobody should have abortion rights/contraception is a tool of the devil/ditto feminism. But we all know the drill, and damn it gets tiresome.

Actually, is on the whole encouraging to me, because it's anything but an explicitly feminist group and its participants are pretty much all over the place politically, geographically, income- and class-wise, wrt age and pretty much everything else, but there seems to be a general feminist consciousness. Also there are several smart posters with great politics and they get listened to. Refreshing!

Posted by: Ron at March 4, 2006 05:26 PM

Some of your blog's pretty cool. Not sure I see the point of this. I checked out the site you're talking about and it seems like a bunch of women bitching about everything and when you can't do it there a few of you come here. Gossip just seems beneath someone with your calibre. I wonder if the Mother-in-law Story posters you're talking about care this much about you? Get over it. Keep up the good work, otherwise. I'll be back.

Posted by: David at April 6, 2006 09:50 PM

You might want to kiss the smooth brown behind of the woman you're talking about. Please do not tell me what women of color woman want. I stand up for what I believe and if you don't like what I believe that's just too bad. Forgive me for not thanking whitey for her protection, kay?

If you are not a brown skinned woman and you have never gone to PP yourself as one, then shut up. You don't know what you're talking about and believe it or not, some not-pretty-white women actually gots us de IQs tos be able, likes, yah, know, to talks for ahselfs.

Some favor PP does women of color. Ha! Ha! Abort our babies so more of those little, uneducated bastards can run around ruining white society. But there's always a home open for unwanted white children. Waiting lists go on forever. People adopt overseas rather than wait so long.

Racist crap!

Posted by: Not your sock puppet at April 7, 2006 03:45 PM

Oh looky, I must've tracked a half-assed argument in on my shoes.

Aside from somehow making PP responsible for adoption patterns (what?), making no sense at all, and blundering into dialect jokes, there's this weird presumption that I'm talking "for" someone else. And the "pretty" pretty much buttons the ignorance up tight.

Not _my_ sockpuppet all right. I'd be embarrassed to be caught making that little sense in public, even under a fake name.

And there's the guy who somehow thinks that dissing women en masse should somehow make us feel better one at a time. Nice try, bub.

Posted by: Ron at April 7, 2006 09:42 PM