Toad in the Hole

March 08, 2006

Weather and Climate Reports from Near and Far

Steelhead -- big ones -- were seen trying to spawn in Codornices Creek this weekend. This is a very urban creek in Berkeley; it's least-screwed-up, least-urban bits are way upstream in the hills, with lots of culverts and barriers between that section and the Bay. So these fish were down in the concrete, channelized part. No notion of whether they were successful yet. I doubt it, but it's amazing they were trying. As the movie's caption says: bittersweet. Follow some links from that site for interesting restoration stuff.

In other news, Numenius passes the word that Jupiter has a new red spot.

There are a very few times when I'm pleased with my species, and our (still tentative) attempts to fix what we've screwed up, oddly, make one set; our wanting and working and inventing for and being able to see things like centuries-old storms on gas giants in our solar system make another.

Posted at March 8, 2006 06:29 AM