Toad in the Hole

May 05, 2006

The Week inReview

This week has involved sore joints, bleeding all over the phormium, some pretty good photos which I'll post sometime over the weekend, a whole chicken and rather too much wine, a hastily invented variation on sopa seca that I'll call sopa gloppa, annoying sinuses, a new catnip mouse, an involuntary new bathroom floor, a second-story midnight flood, proofreading some very teeny text, some nasty language aimed at this computer's allied ColorStyleWriter 1500 printer, a fortuitous pottery sale, and watching a multiple-raptor aerial extended pile-on involving an adult golden eagle (the pilee) and two or three ravens, a white-tailed kite, a redtailed hawk, a red-shouldered hawk (the pilers) (doesn't that look like a sort of word-dominoes game?).

Oh yeah, and they banded the eyas in the peregrine nest on a planter on the 30th story on a building on Mission in San Francisco. It's a boy! More to the point, it's a peregrine.

Film at 11. Meanwhile I'm off to harass Chris C. and his minions. And since Twisty has improved IBTP so I can't read it at all from this box, I'm doing so in a state of blaming-deprivation. Beware.

Posted at May 5, 2006 03:25 PM


Hey, it *has* been a full week for you! A pottery sale and a new catnip mouse? Shoot, that combo alone would keep me busy.

Oh, and the cat. The cat would be busy, too. Sure.

Seriously, have you ever encountered a pottery sale that was unfortuitous?

Posted by: Sara at May 5, 2006 06:34 PM

Well, the ones that strike when I'm broke, maybe. But the contractor who fixed the toilet and replaced the floor (or someone associated with him; this biz seems to be a family affair) broke one of the many pots we have on the front steps and we had to replace it, it was nice that Clay of the Land was having a Some%-Off sale.

Tha pot in question was a cheap, homely thing, one of several, that hold water and in which Joe's potted carnivores soak their bog-lovin' little roots. CotL had some rather handsomer ones of the right size, in a turquoise-ish glaze, so we bought three.

Matt is enthusiastic about his catnip mouse. He's something of a lush about catnip. I throw the mouse into the bag we brought it etc. home in, by way of habitat enrichment.

I can tell he's been playing with it when I trip over the runner in the dining room because he's rucked it up into waves, romping and wrassling. A 15+-pound cat romping makesfor a mighty romp, and leaves behind rather a disturbed landscape. I suppose that's habitat enrichment for me.

Posted by: Ron at May 6, 2006 05:00 PM