Toad in the Hole

May 13, 2006

Late Friday Cat Blogging Plus

Matt the Cat is definitely a catnip lush. Well, I can relate. The little cloth sack o' catnip was getting decidedly unsightly, so we picked up a couple of refillable catnip mouses last time we were at the critter supply store.

Matt knows without a doubt who they're for. By way of habitat enrichment, I stuck this one into a net bag that came with rocks or marbles or some such.

MY catnip mouse!

That's his favorite mat, the jute runner in the dining room. He greets it before he greets either of us.

He does, however, fearlessly protect us from subversive catnip mouses.

Wrestling mouse to the floor

You can see here, if only just, that not only is he a tuxedo cat, he has a cummerbund. We confuse vets because most of our pets over the years have had first and last names, and he is Matthew J. Cumberbund (sic). He hasn't told us what the "J" stands for yet.

Eviscerating fierce catnip mouse

He needs exercise, as do we all. But he does retain a certain vigor.

Until he gets good and stoned.

Stoned agin!

Whereupon he gets seriously distracted and ADD-ish, and has little fritz-outs with short-term memory.

Well, that's OK; it doesn't interfere with his job.

Part of his duties as butler of the Belfry seems to be letting the other critters know they are Not Quite Approved Of.

Matt disapproves of Sid; Blanche recuses herself.

That's one of our four box turtles, Sid Viscous, being carded. The other, Blanche du Box, is ignoring the whole event as hard as she can.

Meanwhile, Shep the ball python pretty much stays above it all. He did come out of his favorite jug the other day, though, when Matt uncharacteristically went up onto the sideboard and sat on top of Shep's cage.

Shep ignores it all, almost.

Shep is pretty phlegmatic, even for a snake. This is a virtue.

The snake drawing behind him is the original of somethiing that Elaine Richards drew for a way-past issue of Terrain. I try to inculcate an appreciation of art in the commensal critters.

Posted at May 13, 2006 06:12 AM


One of the things I best love about the internet is how it enables me to shamelessly objectify other people's pets.

CUTE! CUTE! SOOOOO CUTE! hee hee hee

I use socks for catnip. As each old catnip sock becomes too disgusting to be seen on the living room floor, a state which age and love and slobber inevitably conspire to help each sock attain, I fill a new well-worn but not hole-y sock with organic catnip leaves, tie the neck in a knot, and discreetly put it in place of the one to be composted.

Posted by: Sara at May 14, 2006 10:53 PM

Good idea. I do lose the occasional sock, or sometimes just one of a pair gets a hole. Finally, a use (besides polishing the furniture) for the orphan.

He is a charmer. Which is why he's here, in spite of my allergy to dander. Allerpet-C does help.

Posted by: Ron at May 15, 2006 03:26 AM

quite a handsome guy! matt looks a lot like my friskie [who lacks a cumberbund, but has extra toes; his full name, decided by the kids a decade ago, is "friskie-toes"].

we just sprinkle a little catnip, every so often, and watch the felines go nuts!

Posted by: kathy a at May 15, 2006 07:50 PM

oooo, love the snake! (disclaimer: Elaine Richards, aka booter, is one of my best friends)

Posted by: Vibrating Liz at May 17, 2006 02:04 AM

No shit, Liz? Do you know Ray Bruman too?

We met Elaine/booter years ago at one of Ray's cook-ins. We've met her (late) bunny and her cats, too, including the one with "TOY" written on his side.

Her matilija poppy's blooming, I noticed as we passed her place a few minutes ago.

Posted by: Ron at May 17, 2006 06:05 AM