Toad in the Hole

July 11, 2006

Good News for Patriarchy-Blamers

In case you haven't been there lately, there's word in Twisty's latest comment string that her surgery today went well.

Posted at July 11, 2006 02:41 AM


What Is This Tree has been updated (I couldn't find your email and wasn't sure if you'd come back to check.) Thanks!

Posted by: Stu Mark at July 11, 2006 05:41 PM

You're welcome!

When I heard the Maori ladies (at an art show last year) talking about seeing all their flax and cabbage trees growing here, I had to refresh my memory about what a cabbage tree was. The flax (Phormium tenax) I knew, but we don't call C. australis "cabbage trees" much here.

Guess they grow some funny cabbage in New Zealand.

Posted by: Ron at July 11, 2006 07:09 PM