Toad in the Hole

July 22, 2006

Post-Friday Cat Blogging

This is why his name is Matt the Cat.

Matt on stairmat closer

I don't know what he was staring at, but it took some carryin' on to get his attention.

Matt, sm, head up

That mat used to be the doormat; it got moved to the landing of the front steps when we got a mat with a hibiscus pattern. (As you can see, we have something of a tropical thing going on out front.) In winter, it grows a nice crop of grass, Kenilworth ivy, and false freesia, whose seeds you can see as little dark-red beads just this side of Matt, if you blow the photo up and look closely.

In other news: It's about the fourth Spare-theAir day in a row, if it's official. These occur when heat, sun, inversions, little or no sea breeze, and whatever else conspire to make the air here crappy and brown and painful to breathe. "They" get a bit stingy about declaring these since there's a financial disincentive in the form of an official promise that public transit -- BART and the bus systems, at least -- will be free for riders on StA days. It was to be only the first three, after which funding ran out, but some granting body came through with more money.

Monday, we rode BART free, Joe to lunch somewhere south, San Leandro or something, and both of us to meet a fellow freelancer for wine and talk in SF. We took the Muni underground back to the BART station, too. It was quite civilized, for all that the riffraff were present in presumably greater numbers than usual. "Riffraff" would include us, I guess, on the MUNI, because we would've walked the five double-length blocks from the wine bar to the Civic Center station rather than riding the ten or so to the Powell Street station if we'd had to think about and fumble for Muni fares. And we'd've been having dinner at home later than 9PM if we'd done that, because the walking we did do was wearing me out fast. I don't do well when the air's nasty.

I think Thursday and Friday were official, and I'm not sure about Wednesday. But I'm here to tell you that it's hot and evil and irritating out there, that, though I'm not on the dire straits that Vibrating Liz seems to be in (scary!), I'm slowed down and depressed and grouchy and it hurts to breathe deep. Makes it hard to do strenuous things like, oh, think, too.

Posted at July 22, 2006 04:50 PM


Yeah, sitting in a Yarn shop has been a blast...

Posted by: Janis at July 22, 2006 05:46 PM

matt looks so much like my friskie. the heat and air have been nasty -- not quite so bad as LA, where i was earlier in the week, but we just expect better around here.

Posted by: kathy a at July 22, 2006 06:11 PM

Oy, Janis, just thinking about yarn makes me itch when it's this hot.

What, and you didn't take Lily to work, just to add to the atmosphere?

kathy, Matt's looking for shady spots these days. bad time to wear a black fur coat.

Posted by: Ron at July 22, 2006 08:26 PM

ok, i'm not so upbeat now. it is too freaking HOT! friskie tends to find cool spots in that jungle we call a front yard. the second and third cats are annoying me beyond reason. i am angry at the Kleenex corporation because their products fall apart when i use them to mop my face -- an obvious use of so-called "facial tissues." i am sparing the damned air, already, but there are days that i'm tempted to go to costco just so i can sit in the freezer. and today is one of them. [my internal temp is intermittently augmented, in case you couldn't tell, by stupid freaking hot flashes. if the fridge loses power and icemaker goes out, there is no telling what might happen.]

Posted by: kathy a at July 23, 2006 12:36 AM

Matt the Cat sits on a mat! It's all just so Dr. Seuss! hee hee hee

He sure is cute.

Hope you find some relief soon. I recommend cold baths with peppermint soap, multiple pitchers of home-brewed iced green jasmine tea on reserve in the fridge (brew them every night -- a pinch of tea per pot of 180 water steeped 15 minutes then and pitchered and fridged -- and they'll be there for you the next day), and keeping several of those blue gel ice pack thingies in the fridge at all times. One on the neck and/or under the boobies when you're flashing can be sweet, and if you have several, you can just keep rotating them.

Posted by: Sara at July 23, 2006 05:51 PM

There's something wrong when it's 30 degrees here for two weeks running. Average. Yesterday 36 today 34. Usually we get quite a cool down at night, but down to 20 isn't enough although from 3 to 4 a.m. Friday I enjoyed an ice cream bar on my balcony. Next morning on the way to the market stopped mid traffic to let a couple homeless guys drag their carts in front of my car. They did a double take and both began leaping around pointing at me chanting "pink pyjamas, pink pyjamas." Ahhh shit...the river valley below my building...

Posted by: Pony at July 24, 2006 04:20 AM