Toad in the Hole

July 26, 2006

I Am a Part of All That I Have Met (again)

Especially the meadow at Yuba Pass, where we camped Sunday night through this morning, and where it's clearly a great year for mosquitoes. But we saw things -- black-backed woodpecker, yearlingish cinnamon bear, black terns, lotsa posies, a great hatch of some big orange fritillary (Mormon? Great Spangled? We have to check it out with more fieldguides.), well, I'll consult Joe's notes.

If any of the bazillion photos we took came out reasonably well, I'll upload a pile to Flickr and link them here in the next couple of days. Dios mio, it was hot up there. I understand it was even hotter down here. And there weren't flocks of white-faced ibis along the roads here either. So.

I'm pretty sure we have a hundred bites between us. Pass the Benadryl.

Posted at July 26, 2006 11:45 PM


Oh what a beautiful place to have been. In contrast to Philadelphia, which, though interesting, is hardly a place of beauty. (4 inches of rain on Saturday in the final throes of hurricane Beryl...)

Hope the bites go down soon!!

Posted by: Pica at July 27, 2006 02:18 PM

Oh yeah, Pica. I think we saw your friend's Hammond's flycatcher, or a relative, and one of its offspring too. And black-billed magpies* in Sierra Valley: lots of them around the Loyalton sewage treatment plant and the little town museum, of which more later.

One of the sewage ponds was full of Wilson's phalaropes, too.

There are some gorgeous places in Philly's neighborhood, but you'd have to be a duck to like them in that kind of rain. Damn, the East Coast seems to be awash this year.

*Not to be confused, y'all, with the yellow-billed magpies Pica has around her place; those are a California endemic species.

Posted by: Ron at July 27, 2006 06:02 PM

Neat-o! I can't wait.

Though I love the iced tea and the cold packs and have been experiencing one long hot flash ever since I turned 40, I have found that getting out into the heat actually helps me tolerate and even love it. Yesterday I hiked up a graveyard (yes, you read that correctly; I hiked *up* a graveyard; explanation to follow at my place when I have sorted through the 166 pictures gathered during my outing). It was probably around 90 or 95 F, and the humidity, before the eventual shower, was way up there. I got burned to a light pink crisp. I sweated like a cold drink, one of which I also kept in my hand at all times, except during the actual climbing parts. Yet I did not suffer. Today I'm sitting on my ass indoors (for another half hour, anyway), and I've already turned on the a/c, even though today's weather is exactly the same. I think it's as you say, or rather yet another dimension of what you say, that you can either be part of the whole or struggling against it. I think the struggle makes it harder. It's a relief sometimes just to go out and be in everything.

Mercury is still retrograde through tomorrow, and I am holding onto that as my excuse until then if none of this makes sense. Meanwhile, I would also submit that I, aka "Big Bug Food," have found cinnamon oil far more effective than Benadryl, which is just one of a million other remedies which have never done the slightest thing for me against my really quite shocking bug bite allergies. If you wish, go here ( and read my comments for an explanation/description and for Miss Prism's own results. (Or of course if Benadryl works just fine for you, thank you very much, you can also just ignore me, no hard feelings I'm sure.)

Anyway, I look forward to a fuller report on your trip. Cheers!

Posted by: Sara at July 27, 2006 06:37 PM