Toad in the Hole

August 08, 2006


PZ Myers should've been with us yesterday at the Aloha Fest instead of his county fair. Well, for a few hours anyway, to hear the Royal Hawai'ian 'Ukulele Band's rendition of, hmm, some march or other (their specialty is 'ukulele marches) and eat some kahlua pig and poke, and see this artifact


as well as others I couldn't elbow my way in to photograph. There was a pendant of a very soulful squid with an oddly perturbed expression, too. If I can find the business card, I'll post the artists' names.

ETA: They're
Dean and Pua Ka'ahanui
Native Artisans/Culturalists
PO Box 2914
Kamuela, HI 96473
(808) 896-4318
Ebay: puainanomaoho

I scored a Hilo Hattie LP and a live curry-leaf plant (not to be confused with "curry plant" -- this is a culinary herb), but we still haven't found our shared Holy Grail, an aloha shirt with native honeycreepers on it, size Large. Just sayin'.

Damn but that event's getting crowded. I can't talk myself into skipping it, though. Even though we couldn't find the malasadas or the Chamorro food booth this time.

Oh, hey, PZ -- that pic wasn't taken with a Nikon 50, but many of the shots here were; we got ourselves one for Yule and we really like it. It was one of two or three contenders, and mostly I liked the way it felt and balanced in my hand when I picked it up, and so did Joe.

Posted at August 8, 2006 05:36 AM


Hey Ron,
Our curry plant is huge and I have never cooked with it. What do you use it for? It smells like gasoline.

Posted by: Janis at August 8, 2006 05:04 PM

Joe said he'd send you some recipes. You're talking about the semitropical shrub with leaves that look like ashtree leaves, right?

Where do you have yours -- indoors or out? And yeah I know you're in a banana belt.

Posted by: Ron at August 8, 2006 05:18 PM