Toad in the Hole

August 11, 2006

Just Dessert

I've spent a lot of my computer time this week in a frantic, if tedious, effort to get as many of the half-vast photo collection we moved over to this compouter (I think I'll stet that Freudian typo) from the laptop onto Flickr as I can before this one does whatever weird thing it's hinting at with the frequent Internet Explorer tonic-clonic seizures and even weirder stunts upon restart when the whole box follows IE down the proverbial drain. 'Cause the CD burner is demanding something from OSX, which is on the other computer but not this one, to complete adding the pix to a CD for backup. And it all does something weird to my real brain.

If you followed that first sentence, you deserve dessert, so here's a slice of Sky-Hi Pie from Ed and Kay's just outside Hot Springs, Arkansas.


Yes I did eat it after I took its picture. Not bad.

Posted at August 11, 2006 05:26 AM


Oof. Not sure I followed the sentence entirely but whatever it is you deserve congratulations and sky-high pie is a surely good way to celebrate.

Posted by: Pica at August 11, 2006 01:25 PM

I am making Homer Simpsonesque drooling noises here. I do love a sweet meringue cloud atop creamy pudding atop butter crust. Brilliant combo, just brilliant.

Before it became a Denny's knock-off and then a Stouffer's knock-off, Marie Callender's was an inoffensive chain of restaurants with really good pie. My favorites were all meringue, the peanut butter pudding pie (which I have never ever been able to find a recipe for anything like) being the absolute hands down favorite for all time, and then the chocolate, lemon, etc.

I really need to find a good recipe for creamy peanut butter pudding sometime. That peanut butter meringue pie needs to be recreated, immediately, before the world gets blown to bits by all the wingnuts.

Posted by: Sara at August 13, 2006 04:40 AM

I'll ask Joe if he can find a recipe. He's good at research, and have I mentioned he's The Lord of the Pies? Though he's never attemped meringue.

Posted by: Ron at August 13, 2006 05:46 PM