Toad in the Hole

September 10, 2006

Saturday Cat Blogging

Because we were out all day Friday.

I run around to local nurseries for column material, and most nurseries have cats in residence. This one came over to greet us, and then turned his/her attention to the lurking threat of the garden hose.

Ace Nursery cat subdues hose

Posted at September 10, 2006 03:42 AM


looks like sir cat's doing an exemplary job.

daughter and i went to the solano stroll today, as we have most years since 1990. a little crowded, as always, but we love it all -- the bands ['60's; marching; steel drum; even a ukelale orchestra], dancers [belly dancing to morris dancing], community chorus, dogs, babies, unicyclists, fire trucks with candy for the kids, crafts, political groups, environmental groups, magicians, jugglers, comedians, art cars, artists of all sorts, hang gliders, local sports, etc. oh yeah, and all that food!

Posted by: kathy a at September 10, 2006 11:25 PM

Kitty! So cute!

I wonder who s/he was after, too. So many potential candidates in a nursery.

I always like bookstore cats, too. Bookstore cats meke me buy more, because I come in more frequently to see them, and you know what happens when you actually walk into bookstores.

And studio cats. Studio cats are extremely helpful to the creative process -- especially if they're the same cats who keep your lap warm on the living room couch and steal your pillow in bed.

Posted by: Sara at September 11, 2006 02:54 AM

Kathy -- we have friends in the ukulele band. I only wish the sound system had been better today, and that we'd talked Uncle Kem into bringing his lap steel rig along.

Sara -- I think someone's even written a book about store cats. Dang, they beat me to it.

Posted by: Ron at September 11, 2006 06:36 AM

Maybe you could write one just about the cats who live in plant nurseries. You wouldn't even have to write much, just use lots and lots of photographs. It could franchise off into calendars and postcards and posters.

I can see something like this supporting your birding habits for a good ten years. Ironic, no?

Posted by: Sara at September 11, 2006 05:48 PM

Oh lord. If I had a brain bypass (certain part of brain, the Overactive Editor) I know just where I'd pitch it, too.

Posted by: Ron at September 12, 2006 02:08 AM

bookstore cats, yes! ron, did you know the m.c. newborn bookstore on san pablo? i loved that store, and its resident cat. guess it moved to oakland, but have not been to the new place. miss the old one.

i myself have office cats -- they can't type and decline to answer the phone, but they keep the monitor, file cabinet, and piles of paper from drifting off. [ok, they aren't so good about the paper, which tends to fly when somebody gets in a snit.]

lap-steel would have been a great addition to the ukes! i really loved that it is an all-ages group, though -- so excellent to have a few young-fry in the mix.

Posted by: kathy a at September 12, 2006 03:16 AM

"If I had a brain bypass (certain part of brain, the Overactive Editor) I know just where I'd pitch it, too."

Ron, you might wish to consider asking the Overactive Editor how much she might enjoy a slightly more luxurious life in which she could edit whatever more challenging stuff she might like while effortlessly raking in royalties and licensing fees from the zillion cat-and-garden fiends who will happily, nay, gleefully fork them over. Just a suggestion.

Kathy, my kitty is only good at holding down my keyboard. He recognizes that this effort on his part frees my hands for petting and brushing.

My last two kitties have also been very helpful about systematically vomiting on all floor-borne medical bills and impenetrable notices from piece-of-shit insurance companies trying to evade their responsibilities. I think they've sensed how much I wanted to myself.

It's sweet how kitties will try to help out wherever they can, in whatever ways are not beneath them.

Posted by: Sara at September 13, 2006 05:15 PM

i had to put the tape dispenser next to the keyboard to keep one of the senior cats from sprawling across it. [this means that everything i need to tape ends up festooned with cat fur, but small sacrifices are necessary.]

Posted by: kathy a at September 13, 2006 07:23 PM

Lately, Matt has been helping Joe on his computer. I have to wonder if he's secretly spamming about low-interest Nigerian herbal vi*gr*.

Remember: They read through their assholes. (Open a newspaper flat on the floor if you don't believe me.)

Posted by: Ron at September 14, 2006 05:49 AM