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October 02, 2006

Sunday Night Orts Roundup

OK, everyone: I'm soliciting good vibes for my sister (and I ain't even saying which one; she can chime in if she sees this and wants to) Monday cuz I'll just hate it if I have to start being kind to my liver.

Speaking of unkindness to livers: Today was Aloha Sunday at Templebar. Well, that's only two Mai Tais plus kahlua pig and lomi-lomi salmon and pineapple and that veggie-tofu thing they do and salad and huli-huli chicken and rice and haupia and (if you don't mind) meatloaf, which tasted quite nice, kinda barbeque-ish, well, better than that sounds. Plus half a dozen guys playing guitars and bass and ukuleles and singing the old stuff and they were damned good too. As always, it all left us in such a good mood we didn't even lose it when we found that someone had egged the car; just drove home and washed it off with dish soap.

More unkind to livers was last night, when John and Mary came over for dinner and we had pastel de choclo, which is not anything chocolate but a sort of inside-out tamale pie, with a seasoned-meat crust and a corn-pudding interior. Peruvian? Um, I forget. We had the blog wine with it, plus an Argentinian white because Mary drinks white, and they were both so good we drank them all up.

The blog wine was a bottle I got free when I glommed onto some gossip from another blogger -- Roxanne? Lindsay? -- and sent my mailing address and URL to Mankas Hills Vineyards right up there in the Suisun Valley. Two days later, the UPS guy handed me a bottle of Amelie 2004 cabernet (75%)-merlot (25%) blend. Some people I know would've cellared it another year or three, but the most temperature-stable, cool place in this flat in summer is my sweatshirt drawer, so it spent only a couple of weeks there before we opened it.

Big ol' butch wine, this one, at this age. Tannic but not acidic -- leather, um, oak, (uh-oh, I'm writing wine prose) in front and something like a sitting room with old mahogany paneling and leather chairs and subdued lighting from brass lamps, Joe says a little good cigar smoke, following. It took a long time to open up -- in fact, it was still opening up as we finished it -- and it got a little fruitier and deeper as it did. Anyway, we all liked it; I myself liked it a lot, and I'm going to look for more to buy. In fact, I might just buy a bottle (if I can find it) every six months for the next couple years so the people who actually have decent storage can store it for me. Or maybe I'll dig a bunker in the back yard.

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