Toad in the Hole

October 19, 2006

If We Have to Talk About Bras

Let's talk about these. Why yes, I am laughing.

So where's the page of amusing banana hammocks? C'mon, think of the fun.

Posted at October 19, 2006 05:05 PM


You mean like this?

Posted by: Zarquon at October 21, 2006 03:41 AM

I am absolutely thrilled to have an online source for buying penis sheaths. I've always rather liked the idea -- gets right to the point, as it were. I wonder how one puts those on in the morning. One leg at a time? Wait, no.

I'll admit I'm even more impressed with -- hmm, was that a Maori show where I saw this? -- people from that same part of the world who tattoo all over. Yeah, ALL over. Ow.

Sara sent me a funnier banananananana hammock, though, via e-mail. I could swear that's an actual banana.

Posted by: Ron at October 21, 2006 05:14 AM