Toad in the Hole

November 14, 2006

My Hot Rod Linkin'

This week is The Week for Finding Great Art on other people's blogs.

Posted at November 14, 2006 04:07 AM


Wasn't that fantastic? I'm still laughing about "three pit bulls and a bottle of gin."

I hope you saw her next entry as well. The girl is brilliant.

Posted by: Sara at November 14, 2006 11:07 PM

I knew I'd like her when I read her blog's title.

Posted by: Ron at November 15, 2006 05:35 AM

Hey, you might already know this, but Liz is blogging again at:

I think I will only lurk, though, because perhaps she wanted to shed flea-commenters? What do you think?

yrs, BDL

Posted by: B. Dagger Lee at November 17, 2006 02:47 PM

BDL, thank you! (I know you weren't talking to me, but I eavesdropped, and I'm glad I did.)

Posted by: Sara at November 17, 2006 06:13 PM

Sara, you're welcome, and what's your take on the shedding of fleas?

Posted by: B. Dagger Lee at November 17, 2006 07:31 PM

Thanks, BDL! I just hopped on over there.

I haven't looked at her commenters' comments yet, but um Was ist das "fleas"? I've always liked your comments, including there. I mean, formerly there. I really don't know about what Liz had or has in mind tho'.

I await your take on it too, Sara.

Damn though, Bitch has cheekbones, she can get away with anything.

Posted by: Ron at November 17, 2006 08:26 PM

Well, she has a new name and a new blog after deleting the old one. Maybe she wanted to shed old identities, old relationships, old commenter-fleas.

The last post and comment-trail at her old blog was kind of a melt down bad group therapy moment.

On the other hand, blogging, is, well, public.


Posted by: B. Dagger Lee at November 18, 2006 12:05 AM

I have to confess, BDL, I only read half your comment before rushing over there to see. I suck; I know. But look, I came back and read the rest eventually, so hopefully that counts for something... (looks away from screen, embarrassed)

I missed the whole meltdown. I went away for a few days, and when I came back, Liz was gone. My previous experience of Liz, though, limited as it is, leads me to believe that she will let us know if we cross the line, and that she wouldn't have open comments if she didn't want, maybe even crave, a little contact. This cancer shit is very lonely stuff. Nobody can get too much love and kindness, though we should all be very careful about keeping our offerings in digestible chunks.

That's what I think.

Meanwhile, it's as you say: public. A blogger who just wants to barf out what she's going through and also maybe wants to share it but doesn't want feedback from strangers can always turn off her comments (like Opinionista, whom I still read). A blogger who wants or doesn't mind feedback from strangers but doesn't necessarily want to publish it all can screen comments, like I do.

A blogger can also change her mind on all counts, and nobody'd better kick up a fuss about it.

Posted by: Sara at November 18, 2006 01:35 AM

Of course, I also can't imagine anyone with open comments or even screened comments not wanting to hear from either of you. But you could also ask her how she feels. In the comments. Which were open, last time I checked. :)

Posted by: Sara at November 18, 2006 03:27 AM

I saw that she'd opened her comments thing, so I went ahead and left a comment.

Yeah, that last set of posts and comments on the former blog, ugh, what a mess. The public meltdown wasn't the half of it; the warring comments got, well, if I were in the middle of a maybe-breakup with the kind of freight on it that Liz had -- little things like medical coverage and, oh, maybe death waiting in the wings -- I'd want to put my fingers in my ears and run away too, just so I could think in peace.

Does Liz want to hear from me? /shrug/ I dunno. I've never been able to tell. But I'll give whichever of us the benefit of the doubt. She'd got the button, as you say.

Posted by: Ron at November 18, 2006 05:05 AM

Thanks, Sara, and thanks Ron.

I wasn't thinking I was unwanted, specifically.

It's funny how the internet is a place where a shy person can practice public speaking or an extrovert can be mediated by turning off the computer. My sense of which is which yee-yaws between the two and then collapses completely, sometimes.

Maybe I'll be dharmadyke at L's new blog.

Posted by: B. Dagger Lee at November 18, 2006 05:56 PM