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January 14, 2007

Holiday Reading

olvzl's January 14 post over at Echidne's is a good and timely piece for MLK Day.

If you want to know where my scintillating prose has been going lately -- aside from the usual winter-blahs attenuation -- have a look here in the Chron's morgue. Anything more recent than last October, you will notice, is co-written by Joe. We're sharing a byline and so far so good. Actually it's fun putting our heads together on this stuff.

Posted at January 14, 2007 05:16 PM


it's not called the morgue anymore -- it's the archives!!

and i want to know, how come you haven't been telling us much about this writing? because i like those articles you and joe have written. i know, they are not the same as blog entries, and i doubt we'll get restaurant and hula band reviews, but still.

Posted by: kathy a at January 14, 2007 11:20 PM

and yeah, i read the chron every day online, but for some reason, they are not promoting your stuff well enough on sfgate. do you know jon carroll? just wondering, because it seems like you should. [not that i know him personally; we have some mutual acqaintances, i think.]

Posted by: kathy a at January 14, 2007 11:25 PM

(snort) Maybe some of those young puppies don't call it the morgue, but I do. Hey, you got deadlines, you got a morgue.

One of my little sisters worked in a real people morgue for years 'n' years. She'd worked the reception desk in an ER before that, and told me about one guy who came in, laid his head in her lap, and died. "Hey, in the morgue, there's a lot less pressure -- no crisis any more; it's all over." Makes sense to me.

And thanks -- glad you like the column stuff. We get the same promo as the rest of the humble freelance drones, I guess, but feel free to email if you feel like endorsing The Dirt. I suppose I could slip some hula stuff in there now and then. Lord knows I had fits of poetry back in the Hearst Examiner days, and that got printed.

I don't know Jon Carroll, but like you I have mutual acquaintances, not counting Chron folks. I think we're in different leagues, though -- for one thing, he's staff. For another, I can't imagine churning out a thousand words a day. It'd take some different drugs, probably involving co-ordination (I don't touch-type) and a don't-give-a-shit pill, I think.

And self-discipline, I suppose that would help. The only form of self-discipline I've ever had is of the Shut Up variety. (Don't Strangle is a subset of that one, I think.)

Posted by: Ron at January 15, 2007 05:38 AM

Though one of the things I like about the organic stuff--even the mass-produced frozen versions, which I like because I'm less likely to end up with science projects in the vegetable drawer--is that it's a relatively affordable luxury. I'm back to counting pennies, or quarters, anyway, and buying organic probably adds less than $20 to my monthly food bill, and I can swing that. (If I compared the cost to the absolute cheapest stuff I could buy, it's probably closer to $50/month, but I would go the absolute cheapest route only under the most dire circumstances.)

And I love working for someone who appreciates flavor. You ever come to Chicago, I'm gonna make you eat some good bread. (BlogHer is in Chicago this year, I think . . .)

Posted by: narya at January 15, 2007 01:21 PM

Um, that was in response to the slow-food column . . . but you knew that.

Posted by: narya at January 15, 2007 01:21 PM

Mmmmmmmm... bread. And yes, even expensive produce is cheap compared to, say, yer average concert. Or gasoline.

Posted by: Ron at January 15, 2007 06:06 PM

Ron, it's so much fun to read about areas with which I'm familiar! Although I'm not a bird-watcher, Putah Creek and Point Reyes are worth visiting for their beauty. (I almost said "sheer beauty" but remembered your mention of the man's dunk into the ocean rapelling down the cliffs at Drake's Beach.) Drake's Beach's cliffs are a gorgeous golden color.

Posted by: Sally at January 16, 2007 03:25 PM

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