Toad in the Hole

June 10, 2007


When you're walking along a certain trail in Briones Park, it's a good idea to look twice at a certain hole in a certain madrone.



might be looking back.

Sometimes someone might even


step out onto her wonderfully sculpted front porch for a breath of fresh air.

Someone might be a western screech-owl.

(Enlarge by clicking on 'em.)

Posted at June 10, 2007 04:24 AM


That's fabulous -- good for you for remembering to look!

Posted by: Pica at June 10, 2007 04:56 PM

Credit Joe, basically. I knew it was, um somewhere in there. He got to say "Bingo."

Also credit the owl, who was very calm and obliging.

Posted by: Ron Sullivan at June 11, 2007 05:38 AM

So lovely!

After your first sentence, I found myself thinking, "Who? Who?"

No, really, I did.

Posted by: Sara at June 11, 2007 12:14 PM

"Who? Who?"

Heh heh.

Posted by: Ron Sullivan at June 12, 2007 12:41 AM

Hey, Ron, should this go in the Ravenna report? If so email me a high rez by tomorrow morning.

Posted by: Kate at June 14, 2007 05:28 AM

Squeeeeeeeee! I want one!

(I'm kidding! S/he's beautiful.)

Posted by: hedonistic at June 21, 2007 12:41 AM

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